Webinar: ARM for the Future: A Compliant, Brand-Focused Digital Strategy for Tomorrow
June 18, 2020

As a society, we have moved past the initial crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, but our world has been altered and will continue to evolve until – at the very least – a vaccine is available. What most businesses, including AR, have learned is that having a digital presence right now is critical.

Join Joann Needleman, Member at Clark Hill Law, Phoebe Assenza, Brand Consultant and Founder of Rhetorica Creative, and Heather Harris, National Account Executive at PDCflow for a discussion on AR teams and the importance of a digital strategy.

For many agencies and first party AR teams, putting digital strategy at the forefront is a new way of operating. In this hour-long webinar, our panel of experts will guide you through the considerations of moving to a digital-first strategy.

Learn from branding expert, Phoebe Assenza:

  • Why your online presence is important for your payment collection strategy
  • Where agencies should be focusing in order to improve their brand and the consumer experience
  • Case studies on financial services branding and online presence (the good and the bad)

Learn from compliance expert, Joann Needleman:

  • Legal and Regulatory considerations when adapting to a digital strategy
  • What disclosures to include on your website
  • Best practices for obtaining consent to email and/or text through a digital strategy

Learn from AR payment expert, Heather Harris:

  • The benefits of digital communications for payment collection
  • The importance of having a payment portal that is branded to your identity and reduces friction
  • The success of digital payments for PDCflow customers

This free webinar was recorded on Thursday, June 18th.

About the Panelists

Joann Needleman, Member Clark Hill Law

Joann Needleman

Clark Hill Law

Joann Needleman serves as an industry advocate and navigator to her clients seeking advice and guidance in the complex regulatory environment facing the financial services industry. She provides counsel, consultation, and litigation services to a wide array of financial institutions, law firms, credit reporting agencies, and debt buyers throughout the country.

A former member of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) Consumer Advisory Board, Joann has been able to provide her clients with useful strategies in order to prepare for new areas of regulatory scrutiny, specifically in the alternative lending and “fin-tech” space.

Phoebe Assenza, Brand Consultant, Rhetorica Creative

Phoebe Assenza

Rhetorica Creative

Phoebe Assenza is a brand strategist and writer behind some of the most innovative fintech companies in wealth management, accounts receivable, and lending. Her agency, Rhetorica, specializes in brand strategy, messaging, and consumer experience for a range of Direct to Consumer (D2C) and  Business to Business (B2B) clients.

Heather Harris, PDCflow

Heather Harris


Heather Harris is the National Business Development Representative at PDCflow. She has been with PDCflow for over 8 years and focuses on helping companies strategize and implement a streamlined payment workflow that utilizes digital communications and innovative technology to increase cash flow.

PDCflow is an electronic payment, signature, and document delivery platform that empowers our customers and business partners to combine their unique client workflows into a single transaction which can be pushed directly to the consumer for completion via email, text, online payments, IVR, and web chat. We focus on creating the most convenient digital experience possible for both our clients and their customers while also providing the technology to allow our customers to completely remove their employees' need to ever see or handle sensitive payment information, reducing compliance and risk concerns.