Webinar: The Future of Collections in the Face of Crisis
June 4, 2020

Join Mary Shores, CEO & President of Midstate Collection Solutions, as she looks ahead to the future of the debt collection industry as we navigate a world changed by COVID-19.

Fast forward 3-6 months. What do you think will be happening in the collection industry? What will agencies', consumers' and even policymakers' concerns be?

Now is the time to think about how we can get ahead of those concerns.

Focusing on solutions rather than problems, finding ways to work with people, communicating with people’s fears, feelings and needs in mind – these approaches have the power to alter relationships with clients and consumers and impact the way collection agencies are viewed moving forward.

Join Mary for a 30-minute webinar where she uncovers how to navigate talk offs, resolve conflicts, and build connections amid the pandemic and shares the strategies used by her collection agency.

Because of the pandemic, people are entering conversations in a heightened state of fear and worry, which can lead to tense and challenging calls. If you're nervous about handling collection calls during this time, this is a webinar you'll want to attend.

This free webinar was recorded on Thursday, June 4th.

About the Panelist

Mary Shores

Mary Shores

Midstate Collection Solutions

Mary Shores is a second-generation agency owner, best-selling author, and creator of the Collection Advantage online program, which is designed to help collectors create and execute high-converting scripting. She’s here to teach you how to communicate with consumers and keep your revenue flowing amid the pandemic.