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PDCflow is a complete Payment Management Solution that is simple, quick and secure, so you can collect payments faster. The application allows multi-channel payments with integrated, compliant payment authorizations - all from one central platform.

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What is PCI Compliance? How Can It Grow Your Business? - Your business reputation relies on compliance with regulations. Why not use the compliance work you’re already doing to grow your client base?

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Electronic Signatures and Regulation E -Regulation E has been in existence since 1978, when it was passed by Congress and signed by Jimmy Carter. It established the rights and liabilities of consumers as well as businesses involved in Electronic Funds Transfer activities.

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When Is It Legal to Charge a Credit Card Processing Fee? - A solution many merchants have turned to is passing that cost on to their consumers. Now that more states than ever allow the practice, surcharging may seem on the surface like the money-saving answer businesses are looking for. But is it legal to charge a credit card processing fee?

When Is It Legal to Charge a Credit Card Processing Fee?