10 Examples of Great Debt Collection Websites

10 Examples of Great Debt Collection Websites

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In the debt collection industry, if you haven’t updated your website to meet today’s consumer expectations, you’re probably already losing revenue. Within the next few years, however, a user-friendly debt collection website will become a necessity if you want to stay competitive.

The proposed new rule the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released this spring attempted to clarify many aspects of compliant debt collection like text messaging and email guidelines, call caps and more. This release has since sparked analysis by industry experts on what it will mean for the future of accounts receivable management

One such expert, Joann Needleman of Clark Hill, said in a recent webinar titled Enhancing the Consumer Experience that at its core the rule is about bringing debt collection into the 21st century and giving consumers more control.    

Once the final rule is published and debt collectors all move towards standardized methods, agencies must look to other facets of the business to stand out and best serve your audiences. There isn’t much your collection agency can do before a final rule is published but creating a customer centric website is an initiative that can be launched immediately.

Some of the top concerns when building a debt collection website to reach every audience are setting up clear navigation, maintaining a consistent visual brand and building trust. We’ve compiled 10 examples of debt collection websites that are already following these best practices.

Debt Collection Websites With Clear Navigation

1) MRS

MRS Website

MRS BPO, LLC is a national debt collection agency based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Their home page clearly speaks to each of their audiences - job seekers, potential clients and consumers looking to pay a debt. Each audience has a clear path which directs them to the next stage in their journey with MRS.

2) ACI: Affiliated Creditors, Inc.

ACI, Inc. Website

ACI, Inc. is veteran-owned and has been in business for more than 35 years. Their home page clearly tells consumers where they need to go to find help or make a payment. The site also shows potential clients where to find more information about working with ACI.

3) Collection Center, Inc.

CollectionCenter Inc Website

Collection Center, Inc., an agency with several locations in the Rocky Mountain region, has been in business since 1919. Their home page displays several funnels for their main personas: current clients, potential clients and consumers who owe a debt. 

There is a clear payment button at the top of the page for consumers who wish to quickly resolve their debts and another one further down for those who may have missed the initial prompt. The website also clearly directs consumers to several other consumer resources and the navigation tabs show how to return to the home page or any other area users may wish to visit.

4) IC System

IC Systems Website

Founded in 1938, IC Systems is a family-owned collection agency headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota. Their home page does several things well, but what is most prominent is how clearly they direct each audience to the correct information. 

The three main buttons on the page tell consumers, current clients or potential clients where they need to click for the next stage of their journey through the website. The form is also great for those who would rather skip the site and reach out for direct contact with an IC Systems employee.

Debt Collection Websites That Promote Visual Brand

5) Rocket Receivables

Rocket Receivables Website

Rocket Receivables is a debt collection program powered by TSI, a full-service nationwide debt collection company. On their homepage and throughout the website, the company has a clear, recognizable visual brand. In addition to their use of a consistent color scheme, they also use animation that follows the rocket theme.

Their branded explainer video is also a great use of space on their home page, so any potential clients can understand what Rocket Receivables offers in a matter of minutes.

6) Kansas Counselors, Inc.

KCI Website

Kansas Counselors, Inc. has been in business for nearly six decades. Their straightforward website maintains consistency in color scheme throughout every page. They also mark each web page with their logo, which reinforces the color choice of the backgrounds.

7) ALTUS Receivables Management

Altus Website

Altus Receivables Management is a global business process outsourcing (BPO) firm. Their online chat button color matches the blue of their company name at the top of the page. The orange headings and text font also adhere to the company’s visual branding. They even branded the link to their LinkedIn profile to match the orange elsewhere on the site.

Debt Collection Websites That Build Trust

8) The Kaplan Group

The Kaplan Group Website

The Kaplan Group is a commercial debt collection agency founded in 1991. The agency has an in-house law firm to support its debt collection professionals. The website’s use of trust symbols includes review sites and associations. The main photo at the top of the page projects a friendly, yet professional company, contributing to their trustworthy image.

9) TrueAccord

TrueAccord Website

TrueAccord is a debt collection agency founded in 2013, located in San Francisco, CA. On their website, they promote trust by showing client logos on their main page. In addition, the company has placed its BBB accreditation badge and ACA International membership on the website. These badges show legitimacy and indicate the company’s active participation in the debt collection industry.

10) Chase Receivables

Chase Receivables Website

Chase Receivables is a national collection agency based in California. The first striking detail about their website is the proclamation of “over 60 years of unmatched industry service.” This longevity is an indication that the company has been long trusted by both clients and consumers. 

The website also offers phone numbers to reach the company’s office and clearly guides consumers to educational materials. This kind of transparency shows that Chase Receivables is open to a dialogue with consumers and has their best interest in mind. 

These are just a few of the ways you can improve your debt collection website. For more tips on how to optimize your website to reach every audience, download our how-to guide:

Download How To Build a Website To Reach Every Audience in Debt Collection:
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