PCI DSS Compliance Takes Year Round Commitment from Your Payment Processor


Share this Article Payment card industry compliance gives your consumers confidence that your business follows security measures. Consumers need to know that every time they make a credit card payment, their card number is secure. When you purchase something online or on the phone, you have the same expectation. While it’s an often overlooked (or ignored) piece of the compliance …

Confused About How To Comply with Regulation E for Accounts Receivable? Legal Experts Explain

Comply with Regulation E

Share this Article Regulation E is a well-known, but often confusing regulation found within the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA). Although most accounts receivable departments fall under its scope in some way or another while accepting payments, many ARM professionals don’t fully understand what is required of them to comply. Some might even think it is too much trouble, and …

How To Add Value For Merchants with Built-In Payment Compliance

Built-In Payment Compliance

Share this Article There are many ways a merchant must adhere to payment compliance throughout the transaction process. What’s more, they often have little or no knowledge of the requirements they are expected to follow, even when violating this compliance could lead to litigation or crippling fines. When choosing a payment management suite to offer to your merchants, are you …

PDCflow Passes Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards, renews compliance

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

Share this Article Ogden, Utah — PDCflow is pleased to announce completion of an annual audit for renewal of Level 1 Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards Compliance. This compliance renewal indicates that PDCflow complies with the most stringent rules put forth by the payment card industry in order to securely accept and process payments. The renewal took effect May …

What Does PCI Compliance Mean for your Business?

pci compliant payment processor

Share this Article If you’re in charge of the decisions for your business, you’ve most likely heard the phrase “PCI Compliance” somewhere before. If your payment processor has told you they carry most of the burden of maintaining compliance, you may not give the subject much thought. But maybe you should. While a PCI Compliant processor might offer features that …

Compliance Regulation Solutions for the Future

payment and compliance solutions

Share this Article In today’s consumer financial services industry, the constantly changing regulatory environment can make it difficult to plan ahead and know what payment and compliance solutions will be needed to move your business in a positive direction. As always, a change in government and government policies can bring uncertainty, and we don’t know how these changes may affect …

The Truth about Reg E Compliance

Reg E Compliance

Share this Article Consumer habits are hard to change. However, once they are in place, behaviors can become so automatic customers barely think about the activity. In fact, the majority of debit and credit card providers converting to the new chip technology opted for electronic signatures as the primary form of authorization, despite the fact that PIN numbers are significantly …

6 Main Goals of PCI Compliance

pci compliance

Share this Article PDCflow recently announced the completion of our annual audit for our Level 1 PCI Compliance status and that is a cause for celebration in our Ogden, Utah office. What does it mean to be Level 1 PCI Compliant and what is required of PDCflow as an organization to meet this high standard? Anyone who accepts credit card …

Electronic Signatures and Regulation-E

Electronic Signatures

Share this Article Regulation-e has been in existence since 1978, when it was passed by Congress and signed by Jimmy Carter. It established the rights and liabilities of consumers as well as businesses involved in Electronic Funds Transfer activities. So, why 38 years after it was signed has it become such an important and frequently talked about regulation? The recent …

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Reminders

pci compliance

The CFPB issued a compliance bulletin reminding businesses, including, debt collection agencies, mortgage servicing, and student loan servicing companies, of these requirements: In addition, the CFPB is providing information to consumers on how to revoke authorizations. For additional information on the CFPB reminders, please see this article: “CFPB Reminds Companies of Automatic Debit Authorization Requirements“