Collection Industry Resources: News Channels

Collection Industry Resources News Channels

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PDCflow has taken an interest in providing value to collectors beyond the great products offered in our payment processing hub. The PDCflow blog is aimed at adding value to the ARM industry by sharing news and information that can keep you up to date. We recently began a series to highlight many of the collection industry resources that can help you in your career, such as tips for networking.   

Another essential part of life in debt collection is staying up on the latest court rulings, legislation, regulations and technology. What are some ways to find the news that impacts your agency?

Follow Industry News Sources

If you like to get your news straight from the source (or in your inbox), there are many online publications that tackle up-to-the-minute developments in the ARM industry. And with the pace things are changing lately, this is becoming more and more valuable. Almost all of these industry news sites provide daily or weekly newsletter options, so rather than making a point to visit their site, they will send links of their top stories directly to you. Here are a few of the popular industry news websites that ARM professionals rely on:

insideARMProvides information on regulations and changes impacting the industry. The pieces often offer expert interpretations that provide further insight into regulatory news that can be confusing to parse alone.

InsideARM also offers readers a Compliance Professionals Forum for a deeper dive into topics through white papers, peer-reviewed articles and other helpful items.

Accounts RecoveryAnother industry favorite for up-to-date information, this site offers updates on compliance and healthcare as well as general news and spotlights of individual professionals in the industry.

Credit and Collection News – Credit and Collection News is a source for curated news and press releases designed specifically for collection industry professionals.

Other Sources

Social Media/Influencers - If you like to find your news through social media, consider following industry influencers on your social media feed. There are those like Stephanie Eidelman (@seidelman on Twitter), who amplify the content their organization creates. There are others such as Michael Lamm (@mlammCAS) who amplify content created by a variety of sources.

Twitter can be great for immediate and breaking news, and can help to expose you to many different sources of information.

LinkedIn is more personal, but can also be a good news source. A unique benefit of this social networking site is the original articles users write and publish on their feeds. These can be a good way to interact with the influencers you follow, which will help you strengthen your professional network.

Industry Blogs - Many industry service providers (like us at PDCflow!) create blog content catered to our current and future customers. If you find one useful, or it provides knowledge you can bring back to your team and use to improve operations, find out how to subscribe. This works just like an industry newsletter, delivering the latest to your inbox. That way, you don’t miss out on future posts that will help your agency improve.

Where do you find your industry news?

Tell us what you think by sharing this post and letting your peers know your favorite source of industry news.

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