Maximize Efficiency with Modern Payment Management Software

Maximize Efficiency with Modern Payment Management Software

Payment management software should serve two main purposes for a business – improving a customer’s experience and improving office processes.

The right payment management system:

  • Offers multiple easy ways for customers to pay
  • Has intuitive self-serve channels (like online payments)
  • Reduces manual processes for staff
  • Simplifies payment compliance
  • Streamlines payment reconciliation

Better CX With Omnichannel Payment Management Software

Omnichannel payment management software should come with features that make it faster and simpler for customers to pay, sign documents, or receive important messages from your company (like self-serve channels, staff-assisted payment options, email, and texting).

Self-serve options eliminate the need for your staff to take payments over the phone. The time saved by these convenient payment options can be used for higher-level tasks, or to serve customers that still prefer a human touch.

An omnichannel payment management system should provide you with:

  • Ability to accept credit cards and ACH payments
  • A user-friendly online payment portal
  • Pay-by-chat
  • A mobile-optimized payment site
  • A virtual terminal (so any computer can become a cashier station)
  • Credit card swipers for in-person transactions
  • Email and text message payment links
  • QR code payment links

Omnichannel payment offerings take unnecessary work off your plate, and provide efficiency through positive customer interactions. Providing a payment option for everyone decreases the chance of dissatisfaction with the process.

Any time your customers are happy, it reduces the amount of time staff spends addressing consumer complaints.

Better Payment Management and Reconciliation

PDCflow’s payment management software lets administration control staff access to sensitive information and use multiple bank accounts to prevent commingling of revenue from different sources.

Placing items in a hierarchy means to separate groups by level of authority, like the structure of management and staff within a company. In the case of payment management software, teams can use hierarchy structures to:

  • Manage multiple merchant accounts
  • Separate transactions by group or location
  • Designate account access controls for staff members
PDCflow Organizational Hierarchy Chart

PDCflow’s Payment Management System

Companies buy software tools to make work easier. Here are a few of PDCflow’s payment management features that may help you organize and manage access to payment processing and communication workflows.


Many types of businesses need to use more than one merchant account, depository account, or IOLTA trust account within their payment software.

If your company requires more than one account to keep funds separate and organized based on payment origin or organization structure, PDCflow can help.

  • Law offices - Attorneys can use trust accounts for client revenue and separate operating accounts to pay for payment processing fees, to comply with American Bar Association rules.

  • Debt collection agencies - Agencies can separate deposits into different creditor-client accounts based on the accounts they’re working with.

  • Medical billing and extended business offices- Healthcare, medical billing and EBO companies can split up deposit accounts by the medical facility they are working with while keeping expenses separate in their internal operating account.


Companies often have different groups or physical locations to keep track of. Using PDCflow’s payment management options will make it easier for cashiers to access the right payment and communication workflows.

For example, setting up Company, Group, and Location levels make it possible for your organization to lock down which Flow templates employees can view and send to customers.

Administrators can also lock down payment portals based on location or group, so online payments are organized and can be easily reconciled to the correct designation.

PDCflow Payment Portal Templates Chart


Does your organization have information that should only be accessed by certain departments? Restricting access based upon Department decreases the risk of human error. Limit who has access to sensitive or personal information or workflows.

Department settings also make life simpler for staff. Removing workflows or payment information from their view makes their work easier. With less clutter, they’ll be able to find the right Flow templates and take consumer payments faster.

PDCflow Payment Management Software: Guide to Organizational Hierarchy

Everyone within your organization can experience the benefits of organizational hierarchy, from the front-line staff to upper management and ownership. Simplified transaction management within your payment management software:
Offers greater control of the information employees can access at the management level.

  • Offers greater control of the information employees can access at the management level.

  • Eliminates the risk of information misuse and human error (by controlling what employees can and cannot see).
  • Simplifies agent training and saves time by decreasing the amount of (unnecessary) information they can view.
  • Increases productivity by offering a simple, modern interface that contains the correct payment workflows for each employee.

How Quickly Can You Implement?

PDCflow’s Customer Success and account specialists are always available to discuss our software offerings. For existing admin level customers, setting your payment management preferences is as simple as logging into your account.

If you need help understanding the settings and features available, you can request a training session anytime.

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Automatically sync payment data to your CRM with PDCflow’s open APIs.

Many software vendors are willing to explore new integration partnerships like those available with PDCflow. Don't be afraid to ask your system of record to add organizational hierarchy functionality via APIs.

If you're interested in learning more about how our tools can speed up workflows, keep you organized, and increase revenue, set up a call with an PDCflow payment expert today.

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