Flow Technology for PCI Compliant Agent-Assisted Payments

PCI compliance software for agent-assisted payments

Create a better customer experience while protecting cardholder data. Agents never see, hear or touch payment information while on the phone with customers.

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    PDCflow Flow Technology
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    "What I was most concerned with is how hard is it for our agents to use? How hard is it for our management team to set it up? And once the consumer gets the information, how hard is it to process the payment?

    With Flow, the check mark is in the easy box on all three of those."

    Assistentcy LLC
    Cameron Karim, President and COO
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    Protect cardholder data. Provide a better customer experience.

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      Customers enter their own payment data in real time – agents can remain on the phone to answer questions.
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      Eliminate the need to store sensitive data in your internal systems.
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      Send your payment portal to your customer's fingertips through email or SMS.
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      Customize expiration dates to give customers minutes, hours, or days to complete the payment request.
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    Short video demo so you understand how the platform works to reduce PCI compliance scope and keep payment data secure.

    Build customer trust

    Customers enter their own payment information and know they're protected against card fraud.

    Create customer convenience

    Your customer can pay in a couple of clicks and send themselves a receipt and documented audit trail.

    Protect from a data breach

    Keep all agents – remote and in office – from coming in contact with sensitive credit card and bank account information.

    Collect payments faster

    Make it easy for customers to do business with you. Send your payment page in one Flow smart request through email and SMS.

    Simplify your customer experience. Get paid faster.

    Comply with PCI DSS requirements for all your payments. Send your payment page to your customers through email or SMS in one workflow. They can review billing documents and enter payment card information with a few clicks.
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    One Step Workflow for Contracts and Payments


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    Payments Completed Through Flow

    Get results with PDCflow

    Send payment forms in one seamless workflow through email and text.

    No log in requirements.
    No paperwork to keep track of.
    No long access codes to enter.

    Consumers review documents, enter their own credit card payment data, and send a completed payment back to you in just a few clicks.

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