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Sales/customer success teams who want to collect a signature and a payment on a sales order

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Your challenge

  • Your average sales orders are for high dollar amounts.

  • Your sales orders are complex and need to have sign-off from your customer that the order is accurate.

  • You need to collect a deposit or payment in full from customers at the time they commit to a sales order.

What's going wrong

  • Staff needs to log into multiple software tools to complete both processes: collecting a signature on a contract and collecting a payment. This leaves room for error, slows down operations, and can erode customer trust and loyalty.
  • Customers have to jump through hoops to complete both transactions – signature and payment – causing a frustrating experience with your business.
  • Time is wasted on follow-up tasks if both required transactions are not completed at once. You could be delaying services or product fulfillment – and ultimately cash flow.

What you'll need

  • Flow + Payments

What you'll do

  • Create a one-step workflow to collect signatures and payments.
  • Set up a template your team can use over and over with just one click.
  • Lock down workflows based on your business needs and for specific users.
  • Get real-time notifications when a document is signed or payment is submitted.


  • Create a one-step workflow
  • Send a digital contract and payment request
  • Your customer's experience
  • Get real-time notifications

Create a one-step workflow

  • End the need for staff to log into different software platforms to send a contract or sales order and capture a signature, and then collect a payment or deposit.
  • Reduce time and money spent on follow-up for incomplete contracts or payments.
  • Speed up business processes and cash flow. Hand off orders for fulfillment faster.
Create a one-step workflow

Send digital contracts and payment requests

In this guide, learn how to send a custom Flow template. Your team can send contracts or sales orders with payment requests in just a few clicks.

Start in your PDCflow dashboard view. Choose your contract and payment request template.

  • Add your customer’s email address or phone number.
  • Upload a PDF of the contract.
  • Add the payment amount for the required deposit.
  • Click Send Flow.
Send a digital contract and payment request

Your customer’s experience

Your customer receives the email.

  • The email From field is customized with your company name.
  • The email message is customized with your message for your customer.
  • When your customer clicks the link, a unique URL will open so they can view, approve the contract with a legal wet signature, and enter their payment information.
Your customer's experience

Get real-time notifications

You receive an email notification that your Flow was completed.

  • Know when a Flow is completed, disputed, expired or failed.
Get real-time notifications

The problems you will solve

  • Reduce the chance of staff errors with a one-click workflow.
  • Save your staff time and end the need for additional follow-up.
  • Provide an easy user experience for your customers, building brand loyalty and trust.
  • Process orders faster knowing customers have reviewed and signed off that orders are accurate.
  • Increase cash flow with payments collected upon sales order commitments.

Who used it & real-life benefits

“Internally, my team loves PDCflow because it was two separate processes before. We were chasing a lot of things. That was highly inefficient."

Amanda Lockwood, Client Partner Manager, Carlisle Wide Plank Floors
Carlisle Wide Plank Floors
Amanda Lockwood, Client Partner Manager
Flow with a payment request success rate
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