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Operations managers who want to reduce chargeback risk on high-dollar past-due payments, on the sale of high-value consumer goods, or on large payments for services already provided

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Your challenge

  • In a high-risk business like debt collection, keeping your chargeback ratio lower than 1 percent is necessary to keep your merchant account in good standing. If your chargeback ratio goes over 1 percent, your business is at risk of having its merchant account shut down.

  • Part of your client portfolio includes collecting on past-due accounts with a high balance. You want to ensure that once a payment is complete, it will not be disputed or result in a chargeback.

  • Your business sells products with a high average ticket amount and loss prevention is a critical part of your responsibilities.

  • You sell professional services with high price points and do not collect payment until services have been provided.

What's going wrong

  • Sometimes a payment gets disputed because an account holder doesn’t recognize the charge (called friendly fraud). This is often because customers forget they had verbally authorized the payment or the bank statement listing doesn’t match the company name.
  • Scammers sometimes purchase a high-ticket item and then claim it was returned.
  • Rogue clients claim they did not agree upon payment terms or amounts after you have already delivered your services.

What you'll need

  • Flow + Payments

What you'll do

  • Set up a “Flow” template. You and your staff can then use templates repeatedly, save time, and avoid errors by automatically loading approved payment authorization language and esignature requirements.
  • Once a consumer has agreed to pay off the debt, purchase a high-value product, or agree to payment terms and amount for your professional services, you or your staff will send your customer a Flow through email or SMS.
  • Your customer will provide their payment information and an esignature, giving express consent that they authorize the payment.
  • Your business will have access to a complete documented audit trail, proving identity and authorization for the payment.


  • Create Flow templates
  • Send Flows for simple signatures
  • Your customer’s experience
  • Get a documented audit trail

Create customized templates for “Payment Authorization”

  • Make it fast and easy for your staff to send a payment authorization Flow request to consumers at the time they agree to make a payment.
  • Set up a custom Flow template to request a simple signature and payment. Send requests through email and SMS.
Create Flow templates

Start in your PDCflow dashboard view.

  • Select your Payment Authorization template.
  • Enable PIN description and Verification PIN on the Flow template to ensure right party contact and prove the intended recipient received and authorized the payment.
  • Use your attorney-approved payment consent authorization language in the Flow.
  • Enter the agreed payment amount.
  • Click send Flow.
Send Flows for simple signatures

The email is sent using your business email address, company name, and branding.

  • The email message is customized for your company and personalized with the recipient’s name and the payment amount due.
  • When your customer clicks the email’s link, a unique URL loads where they can enter their validation code to prove right-party contact.
  • All fields pre-populated on the Flow request will contain personalized information: Account number, name, and payment amount.
  • Your customer will choose a payment method, enter their own payment info, and confirm their express consent for the payment.
  • Your customer will click sign and process card. Then submit a signature by signing with their finger or a mouse.
  • They will receive immediate confirmation of the authorization with the opportunity to email themselves a copy of the receipt.
Your customer’s experience

Access comprehensive Flow and audit reports containing:

  • Flow history with timestamps
  • Flow content detail
  • Captured eSignature
  • Payment details
  • PDF of the full audit report is downloadable
Get a documented audit trail

The problems you will solve

  • Reduce chargeback risk by capturing signed consent from the consumer.
  • Reduce PCI compliance scope by having the consumer enter their payment information.
  • Ability to retrieve signed payment authorization details via a downloadable PDF to dispute a chargeback if needed.

On-Demand Demo

Short video demo so you understand how the platform works to reduce chargeback risk.

Who used it & real-life benefits

“PDCflow allows us to gain real-time signature authorizations from our customers. When we receive a disputed debit/credit payment we now have the signed authorization to prove the payment was authorized by the customer.”

Aron Tomko, CEO, Bayview Solutions
Bayview Solutions LLC
Aron Tomko, CEO
Flow eSignature success rate
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