In this video interview, PDCflow Sales & Marketing Manager Dawn Updike speaks to Jordan McWilliams, Digital Operations Manager at Spring Oaks Capital, to better understand the changing landscape of digital channels for debt collection.

During their discussion, they cover:

  • McWilliams’ journey in the ARM industry, and his core responsibilities as a Digital Operations Manager.
  • The biggest challenges and opportunities he has experienced in AR digital operations.
  • The initiatives and objectives that are showing success in his digital communications strategy.
  • Concrete ways McWilliams measures success and proves effectiveness of channels through engagement metrics and consumer actions.

"We’re definitely seeing what it can do. We’ve been working on our reporting to truly show the data behind it, right? It’s not just “oh, it seems like we have a lot more emails coming back” or “we’ve seen a lot of people in traffic on the website.”

We built a lot of reporting to show number of callbacks in that immediate time, number of payments that are secured (like same-day money), and then the number and volume of dollars for future payments or payment plans."

Jordan McWilliams

Jordan McWilliams, Digital Operations Manager, Spring Oaks Capital

Jordan McWilliams

Spring Oaks Capital

In his 8 years of being in the collections industry, Jordan has used analytics, culture, and a number of various technologies, to produce healthy recovery results for upper echelon clients across auto, mortgage, pre/post charge credit cards, loans, utility providers, and a wide array of federal tax filings and traffic violation clients. More than just focusing on the analysis, Jordan uses data storytelling to influence executives to buy-in to his view for the future, regardless of the path to get there.

Digital Communications in Accounts Receivable

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