In this video, PDCflow Sales and Marketing Manager Dawn Updike interviews Mike Frost, partner at Malone, Frost, Martin PLLC. Frost discusses:

  • the indicators he is monitoring to evaluate Regulation F's impact.
  • how his clients are responding to using digital communications.
  • why agencies need to create policies and procedures to use email and text.

  • using email to send the CFPB's validation form.

  • when an agency would need eSign consent.

  • Regulation F safe harbor vs bona fide error under the FDCPA.
"If you’re not emailing today, if you’re not texting today, you better figure it out.
Because there’s a way to do it compliantly. If you’re not doing it, you’re probably going to limit the amount of money you’re able to collect through your processes."

About the Presenter
Mike Frost of Malone Frost Martin PLLC

Mike Frost

Malone Frost Martin PLLC

Mike Frost is a partner at Malone, Frost, Martin PLLC headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He leads the firm’s regulatory, compliance, and general counsel services from the Cedar Falls, Iowa office. He provides counsel, consultation, complex transactional and litigation defense services to collection agencies, law firms, credit reporting agencies, data providers, creditors, venture capitalists, private equity, and various other businesses focused on the credit and collections industry.

Digital Communications in Accounts Receivable

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