PCI Compliance A Guide For Business

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PDCflow is a complete payment and digital communication hub that is simple, quick and secure, so you can collect payments faster. Deliver and capture secure payments, documents, eSignatures, and photo uploads in one seamless workflow with FLOW Technology.

Learn more about PDCflow's patented Secure Entry Overlay technology that keeps your software and systems out of PCI Scope and your consumer's card data secure when accepting credit card payments.


Marriott Data Security Breach Lessons: Why PCI Compliance Levels Matter -PCI rules are intended to protect the sensitive card data that is used in processing a payment. Depending upon a company’s size, they must adhere to one of four PCI compliance levels.

Why PCI Compliance Levels Matter

When Is It Legal to Charge a Credit Card Processing Fee? -Unfortunately, the rules behind making and taking payments are more complex than just tacking on a fee for every card transaction your business processes. The way in which you and other merchants can close the gap on costs depends on your understanding of fee definitions and distinctions.

When Is It Legal to Charge a Credit Card Processing Fee?

[How-To] Drive More Online Payments - Download this How-To sheet detailing eight easy (and free) methods to educate your consumers on how to pay their statements online.

Download How to Drive Online Payments