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Medical practice front office teams who want to collect signed authorization on HIPAA release forms and/or privacy policies to meet HIPAA compliance rules

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Your challenge

Getting required compliance paperwork completed in order to gather patient health history prior to the new patient’s first appointment.

What you'll need

  • Flow Technology – secure document delivery and signature software
  • Approved privacy policy and HIPAA compliance documents in PDF format

What you'll do

  • Set up a reusable template your team can use with just one click to send HIPAA forms to patients for signed authorization prior to their first appointment.
  • Enable and lock down Dual-Authentication on the template, so patients can verify their identity before accessing documents.
  • Gather verbal consent from patients to email or text when the appointment is scheduled.
  • Get real-time notifications when documents are signed and completed.


  • Create Reusable Template
  • Send HIPAA/Privacy Policy for signature
  • Your patient’s experience
  • Get real-time notifications

Create a HIPAA/Privacy Policy template.

  • Must have administrative access to your PDCflow account.
  • Use your attorney approved HIPAA/Privacy Policy forms in PDF format to create a reusable template.
  • From the dashboard, click on Configure, and select Templates.
  • Click on + New Template and select the Flow option.
  • From here you will name your Flow, choose your fields, and create your custom, reusable template.
Create Reusable Template

Start in your PDCflow dashboard view.

  • Choose your HIPAA/Privacy Policy template.
  • Add your patient’s email address or mobile number.
  • Add the verification PIN info.
  • Preview your document.
  • Click Send Flow.
Send HIPAA/Privacy Policy for signature

Your patient receives the email or SMS.

  • The email From field is customized with your medical practice name.
  • The email message is customized with your message.
  • The link in the email is customized, so your patient understands their next step.
  • When your patient clicks the link, a unique URL will open so they can validate their identity, review your HIPAA/Privacy Policy form, enter the necessary information, sign, and submit.
Your patient’s experience

Know when forms are completed.

  • Set up who receives notifications on the status of your Flows.
  • Access detailed reporting on each Flow.
Get real-time notifications

The problems you will solve

  • Reduce patient time in the office completing paperwork.
  • Save on printer, paper, and toner costs by maintaining digital records.
  • Save time on filing, scanning, or other office tasks that come along with using physical forms.
  • Reduce errors on forms. Required fields in electronic forms ensure patients fill out paperwork completely, so you don’t need to follow up to correct paperwork later.

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