Streamlined, authenticated payment workflow solutions

Give your customers an easy way to pay!

PDCflow will create a custom URL for your business to provide to your customers or a custom link for your website so your customers can make quick and easy payments to you.

  • PCI compliant hosted payment page
  • Multiple tender types accepted – Credit Card & ACH/e-Check
  • Empowers customers to pay online
  • Can set up recurring scheduled payments on their own
  • Reduces your operational costs with customer initiated payments
  • Provides report of payment within seconds
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Take payments on the phone in just a couple of minutes!

Moving quickly through calls is always a big concern for anyone doing Accounts Receivables. PDCflow’s payment platform will get your team through calls quickly by having a simple and easy system.

  • Payment portal is set up to accept Credit Card & ACH within one screen
  • Simple layout to reduce time it takes to click, fill out, and complete a transaction
  • Send authorization of transaction to payee’s mobile or email
  • Comprehensive reporting on all transactions to help with chargeback issues
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Accept Credit Card Payments online without an accessory

Our system is a cloud based payment platform that is highly secure and accessible through any device with an internet connection. No need for a card swiper, you can enter in payment information right there or have your customer enter it and get a report of their transaction within seconds.

  • PCI DSS Level 1 security
  • Custom page set up for your company
  • No need for a card reader, easily online accessible
  • PDCflow will help you get a merchant account if you don’t already have one with competitive rates
  • Full customer service access
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Accept ACH & e-Check payments in a simple payment platform

Give your customers more payment options all within one system. They simply check which type of payment they want to make and enter in their account information.

  • ACH/e-Check payments through our system are fully Regulation E compliant
  • Authenticated payments with or without a signature
  • Payment is verified through reporting sent within seconds of completion
  • Customers can set up recurring schedules in 2 easy steps
  • Put custom payment link in an invoice for customers to easily link to payment page
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Use your Mobile Device to take payments

PDCflow created an online payment platform that can be accessed by any device with an internet connection. Smartphones & tablets can become a payment station for you while you’re on the go, or reach customers who aren’t right in front of their computers.

  • No app downloaded needed – just wifi connection to access webpage
  • Use any browser to pull up webpage
  • Works with – Apple, Windows, Android & Blackberry operating systems
  • No card swiper needed for credit card payments
  • Customers can set up recurring schedules within same hosted payment page as a one time payment
  • Page is optimized for mobile viewing
  • PCI DSS Level 1 compliant
  • Can authorize a payment with a signature from a touchscreen – signature can then be viewed in report of transaction
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