Bulk Messages Made Easy: PDCflow’s Flow Technology

Bulk Messages Made Easy: PDCflow's Flow Technology

Have you ever used mail merge to send out lots of personalized emails at once? Now you can send bulk messages with Flow from the PDCflow app instead. Send out thousands of secure communications and payment requests at one time.

Do you have a list of customers who all need your company’s updated terms?

Or does your company policy for 2024 need to be sent out to all your organization’s employees?

Perhaps you’re getting ready to send out an annual report to all stakeholders.

No need to send generic email or text messages one-by-one! Upload a spreadsheet to send up to 5,000 personalized, secure bulk message Flows at one time.

What is Flow Technology?

Along with PDCflow’s payment software, we offer a unique request engine called Flow Technology. Each outbound request sent through Flow Technology is called a Flow.

Mix and match sending documents, requesting payments, capturing esignatures, and requesting customer photo uploads in a single Flow. Send these requests to your customer via email/SMS or through your company’s web chat or chatbot system.

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Why Use Flow Bulk Messaging?

Your company can now streamline communication by sending personalized payment reminders via email and SMS, all within a single workflow. Simply upload a spreadsheet containing recipient information to get started.

Send payment requests or other important bulk messages to hundreds or thousands of customers at once.

Sending a document, message, or payment link directly to an inbox or mobile device creates a fast, easy, no-hassle workflow. Using Bulk Flow communications will:

  • Save money by eliminating the need to send payment reminders and other messages by mail.
  • Save time by sending all of your messages at once instead of one-by-one.
  • Streamline work processes by tracking Flow bulk messages, so you can monitor how workflows are performing.
  • Increase customer satisfaction. Most customers prefer email, text messages, and easy self-pay options to manage bills.

Compare Flow Technology Options

Learn about the different outgoing Flow requests for payments and secure communications.

  • Flow Technology
  • Flow Bulk Messaging
  • Flow Bulk Messaging Service API
Flow Technology, Flow Bulk Messages, Flow Service API Comparison Infographic

How To Send and Monitor Bulk Messages via Flow Service

Sending bulk messages via Flow is simple for employees and reduces how long it takes to engage with customers. How do you create and send bulk messages using Flow?

Administrative Setup

Create a Flow template and enable the Bulk Flow functionality. Once you have the appropriate templates created, staff can choose a premade template in seconds.

There is no limit to the number of templates you can create with PDCflow. Make as many as you need so you’re prepared for every type of workflow, at no extra cost to your organization.

Employee Access

From the Dashboard, employees can select the appropriate Flow template. Then:

  1. Review or enter other shared data
  2. Upload a formatted CSV file or Excel spreadsheet of your contacts
  3. Validate the data
  4. Deliver Flow request to all recipients via texts and/or emails

After sending a Flow bulk message, employees set up for notifications will receive an email notification of the results.

Monitoring and Reporting

After sending Flows, you can access reporting in the bulk message app using the Bulk ID. You can also access Flows individually using the same functionality, as always.

Bulk Message Flow Integration Through API

For even more options – like delivering documents and requesting esignatures along with bulk message payment requests – developers can integrate PDCflow’s APIs to embed bulk message Flows and other PDCflow services into your system of record.

These actions make it faster and easier to get paid, send important notices, facilitate onboarding, or initiate other payment workflows.

Through PDCflow’s low-code and drop-in API options, companies access extra functionality that lets companies send:

  • Annual disclosures to customers and stakeholders. Good for sending company policies, disclosures or annual reports that need to be distributed to everyone you serve.
  • Company-wide notifications. Companies can send annual compensation plans, company policy documents or other items, company-wide.
  • Debt collection validation notices. With Flow bulk messaging, debt collection agencies can send thousands of Validation Notices via email with a single uploaded file.
  • Handshake letters to new consumers. Debt collection agencies may need to send a letter to new consumers after they take over collecting a debt. Send these letters all at once through Bulk Flow.

Simplify work for your office and enhance user experience. For PDCflow customers who want to start using Bulk Flows, contact Customer Success today.

If you’re not a customer yet, and want to learn more about PDCflow’s all-in-one payment communication software, request a call from a Payment Expert today.

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