PDCflow Top Performer Challenge

PDCflow Top Performer Challenge

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Keeping up morale on the collection floor promotes positive company culture, keeps employees happy and reduces turnover. Most agencies run contests to keep staff motivated, but funding incentives can be pricey.

PDCflow understands the struggles that come with operating a debt collection agency and we want to help. That’s why last December, we sponsored the Top Performer Challenge program for a small test group of clients.  

We worked with agency management to set personalized goals for each company and provide prize money to those who met their goals.

Although we collaborated with each company to choose their goals, it was up to them to decide how to run each contest. They personalized how their programs worked and how they would spend the prize money, which created a unique experience for each company.

Pacific Credit Services

Pacific Credit Services was an enthusiastic participant in the pilot program. The agency’s President, Kelly Parsons-O’Brien shared feedback on how she motivated her collectors. Her office used their money to buy a water dispenser for the end-of-contest prize once they exceeded their goal. Along with this, they offered treats like bagels and coffee runs when the team met weekly milestones. 

With the frustrations that can come along with debt collection, celebrating team successes and practicing gratitude for what your team has accomplished is key to happy employees.

“They definitely liked having the goal on the wall,” Parsons-O’Brien said. Having this motivator inspired her team to work harder as individuals to meet their goal and helped them push each other to keep up the good work.

PDCflow Top Performer Challenge

AMR Accounts

 “With each entry, the employees would earn it would feel like a small victory in what seemed like a long month,” said Camille Lindsey, Recovery Supervisor at AMR.

For their office contest, they offered a drawing for first, second and third place gift cards. The better the collector’s performance, the more entries they could submit to the drawing. This structure created a lively competition between the staff, but also motivated each individual to do their best and improve their chances of winning.

“Keeping recovery specialists motivated is critical to our team’s success. I think this competition was a vital part of that motivation in the month of December. We are very goal oriented and being able to provide an added incentive outside their pay and bonus structure to a short-term goal that was realistic and reachable clearly helped! Thank you again for making this competition possible!”Camille Lindsey (AMR Accounts)

We’re Bringing The Top Performer Challenge Back!

We are thrilled to offer every opportunity we can to help our customers succeed.

Because of the positive feedback we got during the pilot program, we’ve decided to bring PDCflow’s Top Performer Challenge to a new batch of awesome clients! 

An agency based in California accepted our September Top Performer Challenge. Their agents will use PDCflow software to send a digital payment form via text or email to the consumers they speak with. The consumers will authorize payments by entering credit card or bank account information themselves, keeping their financial data protected and private, while the agency stays out of PCI Compliance Scope

It’s a win for consumers, who don’t have to worry about giving sensitive data over the phone. It’s also a win for the debt collection agency, decreasing their PCI and data breach liability.

Using FLOWS for larger payments also reduces chargeback risk, since consumers enter payment information themselves and transaction information is documented in an audit trail with each FLOW.

If your agency is interested in being involved in a Top Performer Challenge, fill out the form below and we will give you a call to discuss.

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