Target collection efforts with predictive forecasting of consumer repayment

Improve Your Productivity

Knowledge is KEY

Recovery Scoring focuses your agents on the accounts with the ability to pay

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

No  longer spend the time and resources pursuing funds that cannot be recovered

Integrated with Payments

Collect Payment immediately while on the phone with the consumer and take a Credit Card or ACH payment directly from the Scoring file

Increase Profitability

Quintile reporting helps you determine your consumer’s ability to pay based on a clearly defined report interpreting past payment history and credit score

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Quintile Report

Breaks down Bureau information into 5 Levels for Recovery plus Bankrupt/Deceased.


Fully integrated with Transunion. TU Pricing based on monthly volume of submitted files.

All Attributes Available

Including addresses, phone numbers, employment, equity info, bankruptcy, deceased.

Recovery Scoring
recovery scoring
Quickly assess ability to pay debt and take payment immediately.

Recovery Scoring Pricing

Per File
One Time Set Up Fee
Monthly Minimum, if processing fees are above this, the minimum is waived
  • Soft Hit on Consumers Record
  • Integrated with Payments
  • Free Personalized Training
  • Friendly & Fast Customer Support

*Transunion fees charged separately