Webinar: Emailing and Texting Consumers in the Debt Collection Industry
January 28, 2020

Join Joann Needleman of Clark Hill Law, John Bedard of Bedard Law group and John Chebat of OMG as they discuss the use of email and text in debt collection. The panel will cover:

  • The laws governing the use of email and text 
  • The regulators that enforce these laws
  • Requirements and how to obtain consent for text and email in debt collection
  • How John Chebat's agency, OMG, is currently using text messaging in daily operations
  • The results his agency is experiencing using text messaging

This free webinar was held on Tuesday, January 28th from 1:00 - 2:00 pm EDT. The recording of the webinar is available below.

For a recap of the webinar see:

How to Use Email and Text

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About the Panelists
Joann Needleman - Clark Hill Law
Joann Needleman
Clark Hill Law

Joann Needleman serves as an industry advocate and navigator to her clients seeking advice and guidance in the complex regulatory environment facing the financial services industry. She provides counsel, consultation, and litigation services to a wide array of financial institutions, law firms, credit reporting agencies, and debt buyers throughout the country.

A former member of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's (CFPB) Consumer Advisory Board, Joann has been able to provide her clients with useful strategies in order to prepare for new areas of regulatory scrutiny, specifically in the alternative lending and "fin-tech" space. Often asked by clients to quickly assess a new policy statement or guidance, Joann can dissect the regulation into simple terms but more importantly explain the impact on business operations.

John Bedard - Bedard Law Group
John H. Bedard Jr.
Bedard Law Group

John H. Bedard, Jr. is the managing attorney of Bedard Law Group, P.C. located in Atlanta, Georgia. John represents creditors, asset buyers, and debt collectors helping them stay in compliance with state and federal law.  He also manages the nationwide litigation for several collection agencies and focuses his litigation practice on FDCPA, TCPA, and FCRA defense.

John’s practice also focuses on defending regulatory actions including CFPB investigations and travels the country performing CFPB readiness assessments for the collection industry.  He received his law degree from the Syracuse University College of Law and his undergraduate degree in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University.

John Chebat - Occupational Management Group
John Chebat
Occupational Management Group

John Chebat is the owner of the Occupational Management Group located in Buffalo, New York. His agency uses PDCflow software via an integration with Blue Chip Account Management Software.

Through this integration, his team uses text messaging to obtain signatures on both one-time and recurring payment schedules effectively reducing chargebacks and keeping his agency in compliance with the Electronic Funds Transfer Act.