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Learn more about the PDCflow Accounts Receivable Payment Hub - with one single flow, you can send an invoice, collect payments and obtain signatures in just a few clicks.

Stay compliant and increase payments with the PDCflow Payment Hub:

PCI Compliance: A Guide for Business -Wondering how PCI Compliance affects your business? Does the payment processor you choose make a difference on what your responsibilities as a business owner are for PCI Compliance?

PCI Compliance Guide

Credit Card Payment Processing: A Guide for Merchants - This comprehensive guide gives a brief history of credit card processing, informs you on how a card is processed and provides information on compliance, security and rates/fees.

Credit Card Payment Processing Guide

Case Study: Titan Revenue Solutions | IVR Bill Payment - - A third party collection agency implements PDCflow's IVR Payment Solution to streamline the payment process and reduce overhead costs.

Case Study: IVR Bill Payment