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Learn more about the PDCflow Accounts Receivable Payment Hub - with one single flow, you can send an invoice, collect payments and obtain signatures.

Bill and collect payments through the communication channels your customers prefer. Learn more about:

Credit Card Payment Processing: A Guide for Merchants - This comprehensive guide gives a brief history of credit card processing, informs you on how a card is processed and provides information on compliance, security and rates/fees.

Credit Card Payment Processing Guide

eBook: Top Ten Questions to Consider When Shopping for a Payment Processing Solution -Unsure what payment processing features would most benefit your business? Would having a platform that can bring together all your accounts receivable needs bring simplicity to your office workflow? Download the free Payment Processing Buyer’s Guide to find out.

Download Payment Processing Buyer's Guide

Case Study: Titan Revenue Solutions | IVR Bill Payment - - A third party collection agency implements PDCflow's IVR Payment Solution to streamline the payment process and reduce overhead costs.

Case Study: IVR Bill Payment