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Collect payments faster and keep your data safe.

PDCflow is a robust payment hub that empowers you to send electronic documents and payment forms securely. 

Learn more about PDCflow’s patented Secure Entry Overlay technology:

Secure Payments

[How-To] Drive More Online Payments – Download this How-To sheet detailing eight easy (and free) methods to educate your consumers on how to pay their statements online.

Download How to Drive Online Payments

[How-To] Collections: How to Respond to Disputes – Download this How-To sheet detailing best practices for handling collection disputes.

Download How To Respond to Disputes

[Best Practices] Skip Tracing – In this skip tracing best practices guide, Parsons-O’Brien, along with her California Association of Collectors colleagues, provides in-depth information.

Download Skip Tracing Best Practices

[Guide] PCI Compliance GuideDownload this Guide detailing the levels of PCI Compliance and what your responsibilities as a merchant are.

Download PCI Compliance Guide