PDCflow Introduces Custom Messages for Digital Consumer Communications

PDCflow Introduces Custom Messages for Digital Consumer Communications

Ogden, Utah -- Today, PDCflow announced the release of custom messaging on all electronically generated consumer communications (also known as Flows) sent through their payment software.

PDCflow clients can send a custom message to their consumers – through email – on any signature, payment or photo request, or any document sent. This release allows businesses to refine their customer communications strategy.

Businesses can optimize their digital communications with consumers by including a name, an account number, or any other custom text. The feature is also useful for adding any regulatory language that might be required, making compliance a seamless part of the payment or authorization process.

“We added this feature to better fulfill the unique business requirements our customers may have,” says Matt Thomas, Product Development Analyst at PDCflow. “The industries we service have a variety of communication regulations. This feature will allow them to tailor both a business-specific and industry-specific message when attempting to engage with their customers.”

This individualized messaging improves the customer experience and instills deeper trust between businesses and their consumers. The tool will:

  • help hospitals to lend legitimacy to a payment request with patient specific references.
  • allow collection agencies to display required mini-miranda language, or tailor the request with account information.
  • replace manual print and mail billing.

This feature adds value to any business by allowing them to create individualized office workflows. In today’s world of spam and mountains of emails, a business needs to personalize messages to stand out to its consumers.

About PDCflow

PDCflow's payment communication software is designed to create faster customer payment cycles. Send your payment portal to customers through the digital communication channels they prefer – email, SMS, and web chat. Bundle contracts or invoices with payment requests into one digital workflow. Customers can review, sign, and complete payments in a couple of clicks.

Flexible and customizable APIs and drop-in components allow for easy integration. Accept payments through multi-channels while keeping internal systems out of PCI scope.

Established in 2003, PDCflow national client base includes debt collection, medical billing, manufacturers, and accounts receivable teams in a variety of industries. Headquartered in Ogden, Utah with a remote team, PDCflow remains committed to keeping development and customer support in-house. Find out more: https://www.pdcflow.com/.