PDCflow Announces ACH Verify for Enhanced Payment Security

ACH Verify for Enhanced Payment Security

Ogden, UT - In accordance with the newly enacted Nacha WEB Debit Account Validation rule, PDCflow is announcing ACH Verify, a real-time account validation process to help companies comply. The guidance, which takes effect March 19, 2021, requires account validation the first time a consumer’s account number is used for payment or when the account number is changed.

“PDCflow’s ACH Verify works by validating a consumer’s account information prior to payment, decreasing instances of fraud and detecting issues of human error before a payment is taken from the wrong account,” says PDCflow Product Manager, Kristen Makanoa.“The system helps you comply with Nacha, reduce fraud and deliver a commercially reasonable fraudulent transaction detection system to screen WEB debits for fraud.”

ACH Verify is intended to enhance your ACH payment processing and reduce fraud with built-in compliance – without causing disruption to your workflow. How it works:

  1. A consumer make an online payment or any other WEB ACH payment to your company
  1. This triggers bank account validation before their transaction is submitted to be processed
  1. In the event of a validation failure, the consumer is instantly notified
  1. In the event of a successful validation, the transaction will be submitted for processing
  1. To monitor validations and transaction updates, access this information in your company’s ACH reporting

This new ACH WEB debit rule is intended to enhance Nacha’s fraud detection standards, making online ACH payments more secure for consumers and businesses. When followed, the guidance will lead to fewer chargebacks, corrections and returns – lowering business return rates and reducing fees returned payments incur.

Validating a bank account’s authenticity upon first use also benefits consumers by removing the chance of accidental payment failures and immediately notifying them of an incorrect account number.

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a payment gateway that empowers organizations to engage consumers through digital communication and payment channels. With patented FLOW Technology, the software gives businesses flexibility and control over the secure delivery and capture of business transactions, including payments, signatures, photos and documents through digital channels.

Flexible and customizable APIs allow platforms to easily integrate, giving their users the ability to accept payments through multiple channels and electronic communication methods while keeping their software out of PCI scope. Integrators save on the cost and time of PCI compliance while still having control over their user experience.

Programming and customer operations for PDCflow’s national client base have been completed in-house in Ogden, Utah, since the company’s founding in 2003. Find out more about PDCflow at https://www.pdcflow.com/.

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