PDCflow COO Ed Bills featured in Podcast “Credit Eco to go”

PDCflow COO Ed Bills featured in Podcast Credit Eco to go

This summer, Joann Needleman, financial services attorney at Clark Hill Law, launched the podcast “Credit Ecosystem To Go: Curbside Thought Leadership for Financial Services.” 

The podcast, centered around consumer finance issues, provides “bite-sized” discussions with industry leaders. Each episode, she interviews a different expert, covering current hot topics impacting professionals and consumers. 

Clark Hill Credit Eco to Go Podcast

Needleman serves as an industry advocate and navigator to her clients seeking advice and guidance in the complex regulatory environment facing the financial services industry. She provides counsel, consultation, and litigation services to a wide array of financial institutions, law firms, credit reporting agencies, and debt buyers throughout the country.

Ed Bills, COO, PDCflow
Ed Bills, PDCflow COO
Joann Needleman, Clark Hill Law
Joann Needleman, Clark Hill Law

On one of the latest episodes, “Digital Payment Systems: A Seamless Opportunity for Consumer Engagement,” Needleman spoke to PDCflow’s COO, Ed Bills about the changes COVID has brought to the digital payments industry. They discussed:

  • Using your payment system as a consumer engagement tool

  • Empowering consumers to control personal information through new payment technologies

  • Preventing fraud and providing security
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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

Hannah Huerta is a Marketing Specialist at PDCflow. She creates content for the accounts receivable and payment industry.

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