PDCflow Releases Support for Zero Cost Processing to Merchants

PDCflow Releases Support for Zero Cost Processing to Merchants

Ogden, Utah – PDCflow, in partnership with a leading Merchant Service Provider (MSP), now supports the ability to reduce costs while collecting online credit card payments with Zero Cost Processing.

Through this feature, merchants can charge consumers a Technology Fee for the hardware, software and security for online transactions, replacing the traditional MSP billing structure. Along with savings, Zero Cost Processing offers flexibility. Merchants can choose how to accept credit card payments and which types of payments should be offered.

"Many of our customers have asked to use this type of processing for their credit card transactions and we’re very happy to now offer support for this type of merchant account," says PDCflow Product Manager Kristen Makanoa.

Zero Cost Processing accounts are special accounts a merchant and their MSP have arranged. Each individual transaction made toward a Zero Cost Processing account includes a small fee, which is added to the cost of the transaction.

That small fee is added to a payer’s transaction amount as a Technology Fee. These accumulated fees replace a merchant’s MSP processing bill.

For those interested in signing up for a Zero Cost Processing account for use within the PDCflow system, contact sales@pdcflow.com today.

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a payment software that empowers organizations to engage consumers through digital communication and digital payment channels. With patented FLOW Technology, the software gives businesses flexibility and control over the secure delivery and capture of business transactions, including payments, signatures, photos and documents through digital channels.

Flexible and customizable APIs allow platforms to easily integrate, giving their users the ability to accept payments through multiple channels and electronic communication methods while keeping their software out of PCI scope. Integrators save on the cost and time of PCI compliance while still having control over their user experience.

Programming and customer operations for PDCflow’s national client base have been completed in-house in Ogden, Utah, since the company’s founding in 2003. Find out more about PDCflow at https://www.pdcflow.com/.

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