PDCflow Offers New EMV Point of Sale Integration

PDCflow Offers New EMV Point of Sale Integration

Ogden, Utah -- PDCflow, payment communication software, has announced a Point of Sale (POS) integration, offering more payment channels–and greater convenience–to its customers.

Through this integration, PDCflow will provide enhanced, PCI-certified options for card present transactions, including contactless payments along with chip and signature and traditional mag stripe payments.

Organizations and their consumers will both gain from this new relationship. The ease of making a payment through Google, Apple or Samsung contactless payments will ease consumer burden. A single place to view reporting on all transactions (whether card present or card not present) will keep reconciliation as simple as possible.

PDCflow’s new POS offering is ideal for hospitals, dental offices and medical facilities that require a secure, flexible option for in-person payments as well as an integrated online payment portal and call center payments.

The same hardware can be used facility-wide for co-pays or medical bills, within hospital cafeterias, gift shops and parking facilities.

In combination with PDCflow’s Flow Technology, businesses can digitally send billing statements, use text and email to capture payments, and have the ability to acquire signatures and upload identification or insurance card photos, PDCflow now offers a true omni channel payment experience.

“As a company, we are always looking for ways to enhance how our customers take payments, while at the same time making it easy for them to access the reports they need to run their business,” says Matt Thomas, PDCflow Product Analyst.

Having one place to access reporting for all transactions, both card-present and card-not-present is essential for back-end operations. PDCflow’s robust reporting already allows clients to search for criteria relevant to their business. Through this integration, EMV transactions are accessible along with all other payment channels an organization may use.

About PDCflow

PDCflow's payment communication software is designed to create faster customer payment cycles. Send your payment portal to customers through the digital communication channels they prefer – email, SMS, and web chat. Bundle contracts or invoices with payment requests into one digital workflow. Customers can review, sign, and complete payments in a couple of clicks.

Flexible and customizable APIs and drop-in components allow for easy integration. Accept payments through multi-channels while keeping internal systems out of PCI scope.

Established in 2003, PDCflow national client base includes debt collection, medical billing, manufacturers, and accounts receivable teams in a variety of industries. Headquartered in Ogden, Utah with a remote team, PDCflow remains committed to keeping development and customer support in-house. Find out more: https://www.pdcflow.com/.