PDCflow Software Allows for Secure Web Chat Payments

PDCflow Software Allows for Secure Web Chat Payments

Ogden, Utah -- PDCflow announces another step forward for payment technology with its new web chat payment feature. With this product, businesses can send a payment form directly to their customers through the online chats used by their customer service departments.

The web chat payment tool seizes on the growing trend of web payments. Now when an employee is assisting consumers through a company’s chat feature, they can provide a secure payment input screen, called a “payment flow” during their conversation. This prompts consumers to make their payment while they are still in direct contact with customer service, increasing the number of successful payments received.

“Our new web chat payment feature allows your consumer to quickly and easily make a payment without leaving the conversation with your representative,” says PDCflow National Sales Executive, Heather Harris. “No more directing them to a website or referencing them to a statement. They can now make a payment more directly through the chat conversation.”

Businesses that charge for online helpdesk services can use the web chat payment option to charge consumers within the chat conversation. The feature can also be used to resolve overdue balances when chatting, providing a fast, frictionless option for consumers to make their payments.

The feature also adds convenience for consumers, boosting their satisfaction with customer service. The web chat payment link brings consumers to the exact screen required to begin their transaction. This cuts out the unnecessary steps of creating a login and password.

While the product is referred to as a web chat payment solution, the feature offers more to businesses than quick, secure payments. The product offers all the functions available through PDCflow’s traditional flows:

  • document delivery for review and signature (such as contracts and authorizations)
  • PDF forms for filling (to sign up for service or provide payment authorization)
  • photo upload (to collect ID or insurance card information) as well as ACH (eCheck)
  • PCI-certified credit card payments.

Mix and match the services to create your own optimized workflow around your business and make your client’s payment experience as simple as possible.

About PDCflow

PDCflow's payment communication software is designed to create faster customer payment cycles. Send your payment portal to customers through the digital communication channels they prefer – email, SMS, and web chat. Bundle contracts or invoices with payment requests into one digital workflow. Customers can review, sign, and complete payments in a couple of clicks.

Flexible and customizable APIs and drop-in components allow for easy integration. Accept payments through multi-channels while keeping internal systems out of PCI scope.

Established in 2003, PDCflow national client base includes debt collection, medical billing, manufacturers, and accounts receivable teams in a variety of industries. Headquartered in Ogden, Utah with a remote team, PDCflow remains committed to keeping development and customer support in-house. Find out more: https://www.pdcflow.com/.