PDCflow Releases Enhanced Recurring Payment Feature

PDCflow Releases Enhanced Recurring Payment Feature

Ogden, Utah - Accounts receivable management software PDCflow has officially released the upgraded recurring payment feature of their new user interface. The enhanced recurring payment module will provide clients greater flexibility setting up consumer payment schedules.

The improved recurring payment system was created after careful consideration of the schedule creation and maintenance needs for businesses.

Dynamic schedule preview allows employees to see how changes in creation will change the schedule in real-time before finalizing.

Draft mode allows the creator to save a draft of a schedule to come back to later if needed. In addition, PDCflow’s new offering includes administrative tools that allow managers and owners to set parameters for an entire team based on individual business needs.

  • The ability to choose a schedule configuration (weekly, biweekly, etc) for all employees.
  • Flexible schedule terms that can be set based on a balance owed.
  • Global minimum payment settings for recurring payments.
  • A reporting tool that monitors the success rate of all scheduled recurring payments in your PDCflow system.

“When we add a new feature to our app, our primary goal is to deliver a positive experience for both our clients and their customers,” says PDCflow’s Product Management Analyst, Matt Thomas. “With recurring, we feel like we achieved this goal. Now businesses can make the payment experience more positive by offering digital authorizations and payment reminders along with flexible payment plans.”

The improved recurring payment feature is just one part of PDCflow’s larger upgraded user interface. Through this app, PDCflow will continue to improve accounts workflows and deliver convenience to both clients and their consumers.

About PDCflow

PDCflow's payment communication software is designed to create faster customer payment cycles. Send your payment portal to customers through the digital communication channels they prefer – email, SMS, and web chat. Bundle contracts or invoices with payment requests into one digital workflow. Customers can review, sign, and complete payments in a couple of clicks.

Flexible and customizable APIs and drop-in components allow for easy integration. Accept payments through multi-channels while keeping internal systems out of PCI scope.

Established in 2003, PDCflow national client base includes debt collection, medical billing, manufacturers, and accounts receivable teams in a variety of industries. Headquartered in Ogden, Utah with a remote team, PDCflow remains committed to keeping development and customer support in-house. Find out more: https://www.pdcflow.com/.

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