PDCflow Simplifies Cash Payments With Cash Tracking

PDCflow Simplifies Cash Payments With Cash Tracking

Ogden, Utah – PDCflow announces an even more complete, streamlined payment process with the release of cash tracking within the Flow User Interface (UI). Now, businesses can keep track of all payment transactions in a single place and better serve consumers – no matter what payment channel they prefer to use.

Using PDCflow’s cash tracking to take payments:

  • Creates an efficient, familiar workflow for employees to take cash transactions
  • Provides paperless receipts to your customers in real-time
  • Consolidates reporting for cash, credit card, and ACH transactions

Companies that accept cash payments from consumers can do so directly from the PDCflow dashboard, just like processing a check or card payment. Once this service is turned on, cashiers will be able to process payments and email or text consumers a receipt from the same system that is used for credit or check payments.

PDCflow accounts offer a single, complete picture of all your company’s payments. Just as with card and ACH payments, users can access cash transactions within PDCflow’s reporting, so all transactions are accounted for.

About PDCflow

PDCflow is a payment gateway that empowers organizations to engage consumers through digital communication and payment channels. With patented Flow Technology, the software gives businesses flexibility and control over the secure delivery and capture of business transactions, including payments, signatures, photos and documents through digital channels.

Flexible and customizable APIs allow platforms to easily integrate, giving their users the ability to accept payments through multiple channels and electronic communication methods while keeping their software out of PCI scope. Integrators save on the cost and time of PCI compliance while still having control over their user experience.

Programming and customer operations for PDCflow’s national client base have been completed in-house in Ogden, Utah, since the company’s founding in 2003. Find out more about PDCflow at https://www.pdcflow.com/.

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