PDCflow Welcomes Jeremy Knapp to the Infrastructure Team

PDCflow Infrastructure Team

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With the role of technology growing in business, the infrastructure team is a vital part of any company. When your business is built around software consumers trust and rely on, the need for a solid development team is that much greater. PDCflow is excited to announce a valuable new addition to our company, infrastructure manager Jeremy Knapp.

PDCflow Infrastructure

In this position, Jeremy is responsible for managing the entire infrastructure team. He will ensure servers, network gear and storage functions are all maintained and implemented properly. This includes creating new features as well as supporting existing ones. Under his supervision, the team will also monitor all servers and services to ensure they are functioning properly.

Jeremy has a list of projects he’d like to begin within his first year at PDCflow. One project is setting up the PDCflow infrastructure to do certain tasks automatically (known as automating). His second priority is to assist development in moving PDCflow’s apps and infrastructure into a cloud-ready application. Finally, Jeremy hopes to rapidly grow PDCflow’s computing, storage and networking of the cloud infrastructure. These projects will ensure continued improvement in the products and services PDCflow currently offers, while making it easier for the development team to continue to innovate.

Jeremy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science with an emphasis in digital systems from Utah State University. He has a decade-long background working on software as a service (SaaS) infrastructures in both operations and development operations roles. In his spare time, Jeremy enjoys spending time outdoors with his family. He likes to stay active year-round by camping in the summer, and skiing during the winter. Another activity he enjoys is watching his daughters figure skate.

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