Who is PDCflow? Meet Ruth-Ann Bailey

Who is PDCflow? Meet Ruthann Bailey Customer Success Specialist

Even in a software company like PDCflow, people will never stop being essential. Customers will always have questions and need help based on their unique business needs. That’s why we maintain a live, in-house Customer Success team to provide the best support possible.

Customer Success Specialist Ruth-Ann Bailey has only been with PDCflow for a short time but she is already a valuable member of the team.

"I know I can always bring any situation to Ruth and count on her for the best resolution," says Customer Success Team Lead Lucy Ayala. "Her way of interacting with our clients is one-of-a-kind and it's no wonder the clients that have gotten the pleasure to work with her already love her!"

Enjoy this spotlight and get to know Ruth-Ann!

  1. How long have you been with PDCflow?

About 5 months.

  1. What do you like about working at PDCflow?

The relaxed nature of the team. It’s very rare in this industry to clock into work and not feel stressed or anxious everyday. I literally have an alarm set for me to clock out. That’s how “un work-like” work here feels.

Ruthann Bailey - Customer Success Representative
  1. What is on your wish list for the future with PDCflow?

I don’t particularly have a wish list. I’m still fairly new, so I think my goal is really to settle in a bit more and get to a place where my job functions become second nature to me.

  1. What is your proudest moment at PDCflow?

My proudest moment would be this. Being new to a company is sometimes daunting, and you can get in your own head a lot. So to be recognized this soon for my work is very special to me.

  1. Where do you live and what do you like most about your home state?

I live in Atlanta, GA. This is such a culture hub. There’s always something to do here, I’m always meeting new, interesting people in random places. The Tiny House festival is a highlight for me every year.

  1. What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

Outside of work, I’m usually making music somewhere. We’re all searching for something to set us on fire, so I’m happy I was lucky enough to find my passion so early.

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