Feature Release: Speed Up eSignatures & Payments with Multi-Recipient Flows

Feature Release: Speed Up eSignatures & Payments with Multi-Recipient Flows

Is your business wasting time waiting on approvals and chasing payments?

PDCflow’s latest enhancement, Multi-Recipient Flows, simplifies your operations by allowing you to send Flow requests to multiple people at once.

Delays in contract signings, payment tracking, and secure document exchanges cost time and money.

With this enhancement, our technology now supports:

  • Faster approvals and deal closures: Get esignatures and countersignatures quickly.
  • Simplified communication: Manage all files, photos, and payments within one secure platform.
  • Improved cash flow: Personalized Flow requests sent via email and SMS lead to quicker payments.

Designed for document-intensive departments in regulated industries like legal, finance, debt collection, HR, sales, and project management, this feature streamlines gathering esignatures, collecting documents, and requesting payments.

Key Benefits

Multi-Recipient Flows are ideal for gathering esignatures, collecting documents, or requesting payments. Sending these email and text messages simplifies and accelerates your essential business processes by:

  • Personalizing Communication: Tailor each request to fit recipient-specific needs, from documents to payment requests. Adjust elements so that each recipient receives only what's relevant to them.

  • Increasing Efficiency: Manage multiple communications at once, saving valuable time and reducing effort.

  • Enhancing Collaboration: Allow event notification and template access to whole teams or departments, so employees can monitor workflows relevant to their jobs.

  • Fulfilling Business Requirements: Many workflows need more than one signer. Multi-Recipient Flows can facilitate this need without using workarounds or sending extra messages.

  • Payment Flexibility: Flexible to many business use cases for those who need to collect one (or many) payments with just a single Flow.


PDCflow’s secure email and SMS communications make all kinds of interactions easier. Multiple-Recipient Flows enhance digital engagement with customers and between departments with a few key feature enhancements.

  • Control the signing order: Choose "Sign in Order" for sequential review, and "Sign in Any Order" to enable simultaneous review by all recipients.
  • Customizable Requests: Tailor requests to fit each recipient’s needs, ensuring clarity and compliance. Adjust signatures and other elements via a drag-and-drop interface.
  • Detailed Flow Reporting: Gain insights with comprehensive tracking of each Flow, including each recipient’s progress—enhancing transparency and accountability.
  • Frictionless Photo and File Requests: Enhance your fraud prevention measures with secure, direct requests for photos or files within a Flow.

Use Cases

Flows now supports multiple recipients, a direct response to business needs for faster, simpler collaboration. Here are some of the features companies asked for in their Multi-Recipient Flows:

Sending Contracts and Requesting Payments

Sending contracts and a payment request together is great for times you need more than one signature on a document, along with payment from one or more recipients.

PDCflow’s Multiple-Recipient Flows let you choose the order people sign in, or you can let them sign in any order.

Take payments from any of the recipients included on the Flow message. Set payment for one individual, a select few, or all recipients, for a fully customizable communication experience.

Simple Countersigning

Some companies need more than one signature to verify authenticity through a countersignature.

Multiple-Recipient Flows let companies automate the process.

Set the first recipient to sign, then the next person so they can countersign—no need to print, sign, and scan physical copies.

Flexible Contract eSignature Templates

With more signers on a document comes more complexity in creating templates. Multi-Recipient Flow templates can be adjusted via drag-and-drop interface.

Add all the elements you need to a document and customize according to your needs, so every recipient knows what is expected of them.

Auto-Populating Data

Customers don’t want to fill in information you’ve already gathered about them.

Flows will automatically populate any recipient contact information already stored in the system when initiating a signature request.

This accelerates the digital signing process, enhances user experience, and significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of document handling.

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