PDCflow Releases Text Message Service API

PDCflow Releases Text Message Service API

Text messaging with PDCflow has never been better!

For two decades, our company has provided compliant, reliable, affordable tools that make it simple to take payments, send documents, get esignatures, and more.

Now, PDCflow has enhanced our software to include text message API services.

This allows any company to take advantage of our white-labeled texting solution for better customer communication – directly from their system of record.

Why Aren’t More Companies Using Text Messaging?

Phone carriers are becoming more strict about how companies use text messaging to talk to customers.

Organizations must ensure that every text message they send adheres to the carrier rules and is part of a registered campaign. This can be an overwhelming process (and even a barrier) for companies who want to send SMS messages.

On top of this, developing a text messaging service can be a complex and time-consuming project for software applications. It can take years to create a functional product that’s ready to use.

Despite these hurdles, many customers prefer to sign up for SMS notifications or use text to handle customer service issues.

Now with PDCflow, you can offer this highly-desired communication channel with minimal development work and still comply with the latest phone carrier requirements.

90% of customers prefer text messages over direct phone calls
Source: https://www.smscomparison.com/sms-statistics/

Who are Text Message Service APIs for?

Text message service APIs are good for any company that has developers available to add new software features to their existing tools.

The most effective text message service APIs are designed for businesses working to offer modern communication options in their applications and services.

These APIs enable sending, receiving, and managing text messages, catering to a wide range of use cases:

  • payment campaigns
  • marketing campaigns
  • customer service
  • account alerts
  • two-factor authentication

SMS APIs are a versatile tool for enhancing communication and engagement with customers or users across various industries.

This can include software companies that sell a full-service solution to other businesses. This can also apply to companies that build software for internal use.

75% of consumers would rather text customer support than correspond with them via phone or social media
Source: https://www.smscomparison.com/sms-statistics/

Why PDCflow SMS is a Better Choice

PDCflow’s new SMS API integration is a fast, easy way for software companies to add full texting services to an existing product.

When you add SMS functionality to your software using our APIs, PDCflow provides a number of additional benefits:

  • PDCflow offers white-glove help with message approval and 10 Digit Long Code (10DLC) registration, so companies don’t have to go through the process alone.
  • PDCflow offers hands-on assistance from our development team, so companies have all the support they need during and after integration.
  • Companies can customize many elements of the messages for better engagement. Tailor texts to individual recipients, addressing them by name or customizing content based on their preferences, behavior, or account status.
  • SMS services will boost competitive advantage against other software companies. Set your platform apart from competitors and position it as a comprehensive solution for user communication needs.
  • Track SMS communications more effectively. Easily track and respond to opt-ins and opt-outs.
  • Sending and receiving SMS messages will satisfy customer demands, speed up conversations, and increase engagement.
48% of customers prefer communication from businesses to come from text messages
Source: https://www.smscomparison.com/sms-statistics/

PDCflow’s Digital Communication and Payment APIs

PDCflow gives companies more than just text messaging. We offer several communication and payment APIs that help companies take control of payments, esignatures, contracts, and secure digital communications.

By integrating these programs into your company’s existing software, you improve internal processes and make your tools more valuable and efficient.

Payment Portal API

With a Payment Portal API, companies can add an online payment page to any application or website. This white-labeled service can be branded to your company colors for brand continuity and better customer experience.

Secure Entry Overlay API

With Secure Overlay API, an invisible layer separates payment information from your company’s software. When customers make a payment, details are captured, encrypted, tokenized, and stored in PDCflow's secure vault. Payment data never touches your system.

Flow Service API

With Flow Service API, companies can send requests for signatures, payments, documents, and image uploads. This service allows companies to send email and one-way SMS requests. It is ideal for payment reminders, notifications and other simple customer communications.

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