Are your Recurring ACH Payments Compliant?

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Are Your Recurring Payments Compliant?
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When you’re going to accept recurring payments for a debt, are you asking what TYPE of account or card the consumer is paying with? Here’s a quick guide to the different ways people are paying off their collections debt:

  • ACH ( e-check )

    ACH (e-check) payments coming from a checking or savings account are required by NACHA to have signed authorization when a recurring payment schedule is implemented. To accept ACH payments without risk, make sure you are getting a signature.

  • Debit Card

    DEBIT card payments, or cards that are linked to checking accounts, are required to have signed authorization when withdrawing money on a recurring basis to pay off a debt.

  • Credit Card

    CREDIT CARD payments with a signature authorization are not required, but are recommended for large transactions.

PDCflow’s signature authorization software allows you to get a signature quickly for less than the cost of a stamp. This also reduces the time between a promise to pay and actually getting the money into your business. We offer industry leading, secure, compliant signature authorization software. It helps your business run faster, save costs and is incredibly easy to use.

Compliance with these regulations is vital. Recurring payments from a debit card over the phone must be authorized with a signature by the consumer. Fortunately, there is technology and software that makes it easy to get an authorization while on the phone with a consumer via electronic signature consent. Complete authorization within minutes. Avoid wasting money and time waiting for signatures to be mailed back before payments begin.

e-Signature Authorization

PDCflow is dedicated to creating an e-signature solution that is adaptable to accept payments online, accept e-check payments, accept credit card payments, and maintain the high level of PCI Level 1 compliant payments.

ACH & Debit Card Authorization Requirements eBook

Want to learn more about proof of authorization requirements? Download our ACH & Debit Card Authorization Requirements eBook.

  • Learn how to be compliant on one time and recurring payments
  • Know the language NACHA expects on a voice recorded call
  • Review the required revocation language for online payment acceptance
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