PDCflow Expands ACH Processor Options

PDCflow Expands ACH Processor Options

PDCflow now offers an extensive list of ACH processing options for merchants.

Through a recent integration enhancement, companies who accept ACH payments through PDCflow have access to more choices than ever before when it comes to ACH processors.

Businesses may choose from any of the following check processors for their PDCflow ACH payments:

  • Payliance
  • ACHWorks VeriCheck (VCI)
  • RP Solutions
  • CheckGateway
  • CrossCheck
  • Teledraft
  • Reliafund
  • Actum

Benefits of More ACH Processing Options

ACH processing can help businesses grow. Companies find that providing customers with more choices encourages more payments overall. Offering ACH as a payment option can help your organization:

Avoid unnecessary technical or business restrictions

Choosing from a variety of ACH processors makes it simple for companies to stay with the processor of their choice or switch to another on the list with ease.

Save money

Typically, ACH payments save your company money because of the fee structure associated with these types of transactions. A variety of choices also ensure you can choose a more competitive rate from processors.

Save time

For merchants that don’t know where to begin when picking an ACH processor, our expanded list of relationships make it easier to begin the process. For those who already use a processor from this list, PDCflow account setup is fast and easy.

PDCflow ACH Payments

Along with more processor options, PDCflow’s ACH payment gateway offers other features for faster customer payment cycles. When you take ACH payments through PDCflow, you can prevent fraud, enhance payment security and simplify workflows.

ACH Verify

Returned ACH payments can cost your company a lot of money. To stop fraud or other bad transactions from being processed, PDCflow offers ACH Verify. This system allows you to validate customer bank account information before submitting transactions.

Bank Account Tokenization

If you expect customers to trust your company, you need to protect their bank account details from being compromised. PDCflow follows strict data security measures–like bank account tokenization–to make sure any payment information your customers use remains safe.

Digital ACH Payment Requests

With PDCflow’s Flow Technology, you can send payment requests to customers through a number of digital channels.

Send an email, a text message, or even provide a payment link through your customer service chat. The Flow payment request will direct customers to a payment page, where they can complete the transaction in just a few steps.

Are you interested in accepting ACH payments with PDCflow? Are you already a customer, and want to know more about the expanded list of processors?

Set up a call with a PDCflow payment expert to learn more.

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