PDCflow Sponsorship Benefits Elderly HealthCare Facility and Local Youths

PDCflow Sponsorship Benefits Elderly HealthCare Facility and Local Youths

Nearly two million elderly spend time in nursing homes each year, isolated from their friends and family. PDCflow and DAKCS understand that those in these nursing and hospice centers often feel lonely while receiving necessary care.

Socializing with residents of healthcare facilities can make a drastic difference in their days, as many employees within our companies have witnessed firsthand.

“Spending time visiting my father during his stay in a facility showed me the loneliness of the residents,” says Matthew Snedden, chief operations officer of PDCflow.

“My father’s dinner companions welcomed my daily visits with them and missed me when I wasn’t able to join them for their dinner time.”

To brighten the lives of elders in our community, PDCflow, along with sister company DAKCS, has provided a chance for residents of a nearby healthcare center to benefit from the company of local youths.

Our organizations recently learned that each soccer team in the La Roca Girl’s Development Academy must fulfill volunteer hours every season. By sponsoring four teams, PDCflow and DAKCS initiated the plan for these athletes to fulfill their service at Genesis, Washington Terrace Healthcare Center.

PDCflow Sponsorship
Management from both companies worked with La Roca’s assistant director of operations, Laura Coffee, to decide on a project to benefit everyone involved. She, along with the healthcare center’s Activities Director, Zoe Bartholomew, arranged for the athletes to serve the residents of the center based on their ages.
PDCflow Sponsorship

The two younger teams, made up of girls ages 12 to 14, worked diligently during a much-needed cleaning session for the center.

The girls emptied all of the cabinets in the center’s activity room, dusting, sorting, organizing, and repacking the center’s craft materials. This will benefit employees, volunteers, and residents of the center during future activities held in the room.

The older girls, ages 17 to 19, spent quality time with the residents of the center by leading a nail painting activity and a craft. The care offered during nail painting allowed residents and volunteers to foster personal connections through one-on-one interaction.

PDCflow Sponsorship

“It was phenomenal to watch these girls open up,” says Coffee, adding the experience was just as impactful for the volunteers as it was for the center residents. “We’ve had a few girls decide they want to come back and volunteer more often.”

The team-led craft session gave participants a chance to show off their creativity by decorating “gratitude jars” for their rooms.

Now, when the residents have a positive experience, they can write down the memory on a slip of paper and store it in their jars. The residents can read the papers later to remind them what they have in their lives to be grateful for.

The visit from the teams will no doubt brighten many future days. “We are their legacy,” says Snedden “Let’s not forget them.”