Who is PDCflow? Meet Heather Harris

Who is PDCflow? Meet Heather Harris

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The last few employees we’ve highlighted on our blog have been those in IT and Development, and never have the chance to speak to our customers. This week’s spotlight features the opposite–she’s likely one of the first PDCflow employees a customer will speak to. When a prospective customer is interested in using our Accounts Receivable Payment Hub, Heather Harris works hard to find the solutions that are right for their company. Who is PDCflow? Meet National Sales Manager Heather Harris.

  1. How has PDCflow helped you in your career development?

PDCflow has provided many opportunities for my professional growth since I started working for the company in 2012. The company has worked with me as the demands in my personal life have changed. I started out working part time so I could be available for my children when they were younger, but as they have grown, so have my responsibilities at PDCflow. I have been able to grow as a sales professional thanks to the people and encouragement I’ve received working here.

  1. What has been your favorite experience at PDCflow?

I have especially enjoyed some of the relationships I’ve been able to develop with many of our clients. I enjoy meeting the many different people I come in contact with daily through my job. I have also liked connecting with those who are still in the process of learning how the PDCflow Payment Hub can improve their business.

      Who is PDCflow? Meet Heather Harris
      1. What is your proudest moment at PDCflow?

      There are too many to name just one. I especially love when I’m able to help a client improve their business processes. That can mean more efficiently meeting compliance requirements like Regulation E with our eSignature Services for Regulation E, or just providing general information. Many customers simply want to learn more about credit card processing rates and fees, and how credit card processing works.  

      Who is PDCflow? Meet Heather Harris
      1.  What do you enjoy most about living along the Wasatch Front?

      I love our mountains. There are so many wonderful trails to choose from that give me a chance to escape on a quick hike and take in the beautiful scenery. Even if I don’t have time to get out of the car, I still enjoy the beauty the mountains provide.

      1.  What hobbies or interests do you have outside of work?

      I spend a lot of time at the soccer fields since both my kids are amazing soccer players. So when I’m not at work or cheering my kids on the soccer sidelines, I enjoy watching sports, camping, reading, going to the theater and watching netflix.

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