Manage Every Step in Your Digital Customer Communications Strategy

Manage Every Step in Your Digital Customer Communications Strategy

Your payment collection agents have a lot of customer communication tasks to juggle on a daily basis. Between sending initial invoices or billing statements, tracking co payments and down payments and checking whether recurring payment schedules are set up (and if those payments are successful or failing), their days are full.

Moving from paper notices to electronic invoicing and payment collection can alleviate some of the uncertainty that many businesses currently experience – especially if the technology keeps your staff informed and in control.

PDCflow wants to make sure your digital customer communication software works for you, helping you manage your business and cashflow. The tools you use to digitally engage customers should not only be simple for them, but should also make it easier for staff to oversee accounts.

That’s why we’re always listening to customer feedback about features that will help you achieve these goals. Here are some of the latest enhancements we’ve made to our FLOW Technology that will simplify your day-to-day and deliver convenience to consumers.

Keep Your Staff Up-to-Date on Every Customer Communication

FLOW Technology Event Notifications For Customer Communications

Do you want to empower your employees to keep better track of their consumers? Now, staff can set up specific notifications for employees to track workflows.

This can be done for individual employees or groups. Notifications can be sent to multiple staff email addresses, or even sent to shared inboxes used within entire departments.

Customize Who Can Receive Notifications on Recurring Payments

Does someone in your office follow up on unsuccessful recurring payments? Set up notifications on failed scheduled payments only.

Your staff member will receive a list in their inbox detailing which accounts need immediate attention.

Email Notification Set Up for Workflows PDCflow

Need to Confirm an Initial Invoice Was Received by Email or Text?

Set up FLOW status notifications. You can now have notifications sent to a specific employee showing whether a FLOW was completed, disputed, expired, or failed. No more guessing if an invoice or billing statement was received.

Customize your consumer experience and save staff time – narrow down calls only to customers with disputed or expired FLOWs.

Allow Your Staff to Take Ownership of Their FLOWs

Is your staff sending FLOWs that are time sensitive? Does the employee who sent the FLOW need to be updated when it is completed or expired?

Employees can now choose to send themselves Event Notifications via email when they send FLOWs to customers.

Manage every step in your digital customer communications strategy with FLOW Creator Event Notification Set Up

Who Will This Benefit?

There are countless applications where this feature enhancement will help staff manage their customer communications. Here are just a few examples of how your business can take advantage of FLOW notifications:

  • Your law firm employee may need to know when they receive a completed FLOW (like a signature and payment) so that they can immediately take the next step in their workflow – such as preparing legal documents that must be sent next.
  • Your collection agency employee who sent a FLOW might need to know if it fails. A notification will tell the agent whether they must reinitiate a FLOW or fix a problem with the consumer.
  • The mechanic at your shop may send a document listing repairs needed on a customer’s vehicle. Requesting an email notification when the FLOW is completed allows them to monitor when they can begin repairs.

Know the Delivery Status of Any FLOW Sent by Text Message

Is the delivery of documents, payment requests, or eSignature requests time sensitive? Do you need to verify these requests were delivered via SMS? Your team can now know with certainty if a text message was delivered, accepted, undelivered, failed or still in a send status.
Manage every step in your digital customer communications strategy with FLOW SMS Delivery Status

Monitor Who Has Opted Out: SMS Opt-Out Report

To comply with the CFPB’s Regulation F, it will be more important than ever for your company to closely monitor consumer preferences. It’s crucial that you know who has opted out of text messaging and update this information within your account management system.

With PDCflow’s opt-out reporting, you can download the list of phone numbers of any text recipients that have opted out. This keeps accounts up to date, your company in compliance and consumers satisfied that their preferences are being met.

If your organization hasn’t implemented FLOW Technology into your daily customer communications, what are you waiting for? With FLOW, you can:

  • Use digital communications securely
  • Send and store contracts
  • Request customer signatures
  • Accept payments
  • Request customer IDs and other images
  • Handle PCI compliant payments
  • Set up and manage recurring payments
  • Handle receipts and other consumer deliverables
  • Access reporting records for all transactions

If you're interested in adding FLOW to your customer communication strategy, or if you already have FLOW, and want to learn more about what it can do for you, speak to a PDCflow account executive today.

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