PDCflow Software: Providing a Better Customer Experience

PDCflow Software: Providing a Better Customer Experience
PDCflow’s development team works hard to continually improve the products and services we offer. In this quarterly article series, Product Manager Kristen Makanoa highlights what we’ve been working on.
Kristen Makanoa - PDCflow Product Manager

Kristen Makanoa

Product Manager, PDCflow

It’s a pleasure to work with this excellent team and to help our new and loyal customers! After my first few months here, I’ve taken an opportunity to pause and look back at the new features and enhancements we’ve recently made available. 

Over the past couple of months, our team has been busy building exciting features that will help our customers more than ever before. Our focus has remained solidly on continually offering better products and delivery of consistent support and care to our customers and partners

Each of PDCflow’s enhancements has been prioritized and developed because it delivers a better experience to our customers. We remain committed to offering the very best payment communication tools possible.

Continuous Deployment

PDCflow has invested heavily in our platform architecture over the last few years in order to allow our development teams to deploy new code into production more quickly and efficiently with higher quality assurances. This means that, unlike many software platforms, our software can be improved upon continuously without interruption to your business operations. 

Our Continuous Deployment process has enabled us to deliver requested product enhancements more quickly to our customer base because our development teams plan and execute code at their own cadences. Because of that, all our development teams are able to deploy micro releases more frequently than was previously possible.

Organizational Hierarchy Upgrade

Complex organizations require robust user management capabilities. We expanded our software’s ability to meet the needs of our clients with as few as two locations and departments as well as those with hundreds of locations and departments. Our customers now have the option to organize user access more intricately, including locking down access by groups and locations.

These clients can now choose to assign different merchant accounts based on location or group —all from within one master account.

PDCflow Software: Organizational Hierarchy Chart

With the flexibility of this new organizational hierarchy, administrators on an account have more control over:

  • Which users in their organization can send FLOWS to consumers.
  • How an organization communicates with consumers via FLOW Technology or Portal Templates.
PDCflow Software: Payment Portal Templates
PDCflow Software: Financial and FLOW Reporting

More Payment Options

PDCflow’s goal is to support the payment and communication needs of our customers. 

We continue to improve our flexibility to support more credit card and ACH payment options and functionality and are working on adding more payment channels in the near future.

We recently added an integration to the Clover Point of Sale (POS) system so all payment information can be aggregated. A single place to view reporting on all transactions (whether card present or card not present) will keep reconciliation as simple as possible.

Through this integration, PDCflow provides enhanced, PCI-certified options for card present transactions, including contactless payments along with chip and signature and traditional mag stripe payments. 

If you’re curious to learn more about these features or would like a demonstration, please let us know! We’d be happy to walk you through our product’s capabilities and to discuss how we can support your current and future business needs.

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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

Hannah Huerta is a Marketing Specialist at PDCflow. She creates content for the accounts receivable and payment industry.

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