PDCflow Earns G2 High Performer and Momentum Leader for Winter 2022

PDCflow Earns G2 High Performer and Momentum Leader for Winter 2022

Have you ever wondered what people who use software products really think about their tools? Now you can find out!

PDCflow was recently given several awards from software review website G2 Crowd, based directly on customer feedback. With an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5, it’s safe to say our customers are happy about our payment communication software.

Here is the list of Winter 2022 badges awarded to PDCflow:

Easy to Use

PDCflow users love how simple we make it to dive in and get going with your new software! Both of these badges highlight the ease of signing up, getting onboarded and using our software for payment administration.

  • Easiest Admin: This badge – awarded to only one company – illustrates PDCflow’s dedication to making payment communication simple. The winner is determined by finding the company with the highest ease of admin in G2’s usability index.
  • Easiest to do Business With: This badge is calculated by monitoring reviews related to how simple it is for customers to work with our company.
PDCflow reviews sourced by G2

Great Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of business. They’re what make your business work! We have an excellent customer success team that works hard to train new customers, answer any questions and help you simplify your workflows.

That hard work paid off with these badges:

  • Best Support and Best Support (small business): We earned these badges by providing an excellent customer experience to our customers, no matter how large or small their business is.
  • Users Love Us: This award was given by collecting more than 20 reviews with an average rating of 4 stars.
PDCflow reviews sourced by G2

Overall Performance

The last badges are calculated through a number of factors, including customer satisfaction, market presence and where each company question falls in relation to competitors in the same category.

  • Momentum Leader: We earned this badge by ranking in the top 25% of products in the G2 Momentum Grid.
  • High Performer and High Performer (small business): This is calculated by comparing high customer satisfaction scores alongside low market presence.

The PDCflow team is excited about these honors, and looks forward to continuing the product enhancements and maintaining the excellent customer support that customers rely on.

Learn how PDCflow Software can help your business with payments and digital communications.

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About G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd is a renowned third party business software review platform. Using proprietary algorithms, G2 synthesizes user and customer feedback (including unbiased ratings and reviews) in order to rank the top performing products and software across markets. Leveraging over 1,000,000 reviews, G2’s aim is to deliver information that drives better purchasing decisions for those researching business solutions.

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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

Hannah Huerta is a Marketing Specialist at PDCflow. She creates content for the accounts receivable and payment industry.

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