PDCflow Celebrates 18 Years of Growth, Change, and Serving Customers

PDCflow Celebrates 18 Years of Growth, Change, and Serving Customers

2021 has been a year of growth and change for nearly every business. PDCflow is no different. Our team has worked hard to envision the future we want for our customers, the services we want to provide and the values we hold as a company.

Now, in celebration of our 18th anniversary, we look forward to a new year and a period of industry changes to rules, regulations and shifting technologies – and we’re ready to get to work!

We have expanded and improved our software, created new tools and features, and clarified our purpose to best serve you, our customers.

PDCflow Customer Testimonial

PDCflow’s Values

On this anniversary milestone, we wanted to offer a glimpse of who we are as a company and what drives us to deliver payment convenience and security to the ARM industry and beyond.

We asked all of our employees to share what words come to mind when they think of our company. The following values are the qualities our employees appreciate and embody that have shaped PDCflow immeasurably. At PDCflow we:

Promote Collaboration and Trust

Different viewpoints will add value to any project. We believe that working together builds better products – and creates a culture of collaboration, trust and ownership.

The mindset we’ve built at PDCflow encourages teamwork and engagement. This professional respect helps people feel valued and energized to share their best ideas.

PDCflow Customer Testimonial

Focus on Customer Success

Without a focus on the success of our customers, we would never have been able to expand into the company we are today. When our customers succeed, PDCflow succeeds. Attention to this detail in our product evolution and an exemplary Customer Success team have been the keys to our achievements. They make up this core value we will always place front and center.
PDCflow Customer Testimonial

Encourage a Growth Mindset

The best way to retain top talent is cultivating growth and encouraging team members to expand their skill sets. We empower our employees to pursue professional development opportunities such as accessing resources, attending classes and events and networking with other professionals.

We also see relationships with our clients as cultivation opportunities. Along with our tools, we offer a library of educational and industry resources to help customers win business, increase efficiency, and take more payments.

We also ask customers to share feedback and use these conversations as a starting point when prioritizing new development work.

PDCflow Customer Testimonial

Believe in Life Balance

Of course, work isn’t the only part of life. We understand that our tight-knit group of employees also have families, friends and interests independent of their positions at PDCflow. The mark of a good workplace is understanding this and promoting a healthy balance between your personal and professional selves.

We want our employees to take care of their needs through traditional benefits like sick time and vacation days. In addition, we enable staff to enjoy their time off through annual leisure bonuses and a culture of understanding.

"These values are core to who we are at PDCflow and they directly run through everything we do," say Ed Bills, COO at PDCflow. "Our employees and customers are the essential elements to the success of our business. Focusing on how to make them successful enables innovation rather than following what the competition is doing."

The PDCflow Story

Our company was established in 2003 under the name PDC4U. Located in Ogden, Utah, the original founders wanted a way to offer electronic payments to the accounts receivable industry.

When the company first began, PDC4U eased the PCI compliance burden to our partners – something PDCflow still does today. However, as technology matured and consumer payment communication preferences changed, so did we.

Our company identified a need to improve the customer experience and simplify workflows. To reflect our new focus, the company was rebranded as PDCflow.

Today, PDCflow has expanded to offer a standalone user interface to securely collect payments, signatures, documents and photo uploads in one simple workflow. We also provide middleware integration and work with several other software platforms, for those who want an integration with their ARM software.

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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

Hannah Huerta is a Marketing Specialist at PDCflow. She creates content for the accounts receivable and payment industry.

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