Top Financial Services Podcasts for AR and Consumer Finances

Top Financial Services Podcasts for AR and Consumer Finances

Managing your business while staying informed about current industry events can be difficult to balance. Luckily, with podcasts becoming more popular than ever, you can access knowledge from industry experts at any time. 

However, wading through all of the content available can be intimidating. Here are just some of the many financial services podcasts available centering on accounts receivable, consumer finance and other aspects of business that can strengthen your skills and keep your company current.

Financial Services and Fintech

Understanding financial services is essential for many aspects of business. Even for those who don’t work in banking or investing will encounter relevant topics while running a business. Here are some financial services podcasts that discuss compliance, innovation, financial technologies and other current finance topics.
Credit Eco To Go Podcast

Credit Eco To Go 

Clark Hill Law’s financial services podcast, hosted by attorney Joann Needleman, provides “bite-sized” episodes addressing current issues facing the industry. Needleman interviews a wide range of guests to discuss topics such as consumer experience, financial services marketing and more.  

Don’t miss the installment focused on digital payments where Needleman spoke with PDCflow’s COO Ed Bills. They discussed how to use payment tools to engage consumers and empower them to take control of the payment process. Bills also addressed fraud prevention and payment security issues.

PDCflow COO Ed Bills featured in Podcast “Credit Eco to go”
For Fintech's Sake Podcast

For Fintech’s Sake

Zach Anderson Pettet is well-versed in the world of fintech as the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Bond Financial Technologies, Inc. As host of this podcast, he delves into all aspects of financial technology through thoughtful, engaging interviews.

Pettet speaks with authors, founders, investors and others inside the industry as they talk about such topics as behind-the-scenes logistics of technology and the importance of responsible innovation.

Accounts Receivable Management

For those in accounts receivable, it’s hard to juggle ever-changing regulations, new technology and updated tactics for improving your staff’s performance. Luckily, some of the most well-respected voices in ARM have created timely useful content to improve all aspects of your company.

ACA Cast 

In 2018 when the ACA Cast was first introduced, ACA International’s podcast was intended to provide information on the accounts receivable industry to members, policymakers, the media and other stakeholders. 

Since then, the podcast has expanded to include topics such as:

  • Compliance
  • Industry laws
  • Advocacy
  • Management and operations best practices 
  • Technology trends
Teaching Collectors to Find the Middle Ground in Communication

Training Bytes With Mary Shores 

Collection expert and creator of The Collection Advantage, Mary Shores, has teamed up with Mike Gibb of Accounts Recovery to discuss training employees for every possible collection situation. 


  • The Art of Asking Questions
  • The Biggest Secret in Collections
  • How Practice Can Help Motivate Your Collectors

Shores, a wealth of collections knowledge, has made it her mission to teach agencies to build consumer connections, use positive language and teach collectors to find the middle ground during negotiations.

You Wanted a Rule; You Got a Rule 

John Bedard of the Bedard Law Group walks listeners through the process that has led collectors to where they are today regarding the newly released CFPB rule. The series begins by examining the process that led to Regulation F, and delves deeper each installment, discussing many portions of the rule, including:

  • The logistics of Limited Content Messages
  • Discerning convenient vs. inconvenient times to communicate with consumers
  • Bona Fide error defense when sending emails
Taking the stress out of emailing and texting consumers

Business Management and Professional Development

It’s important to be well-rounded in your professional development. After all, there are many aspects to running a business beyond industry-specific information. Take some time to listen to content that covers technical information on running a business or enjoy discussions with other professionals who talk about their professional journeys.

Small Business Tax Savings Podcast 

This long running series, hosted by the JETRO and Associates team led by Mike Jesowshek, CPA, has practical financial advice. Taxes can be complicated. Especially for those who run small businesses. This podcast – geared specifically toward small business owners – teaches you how to manage taxes and keep your company healthy.

Celebrating Women in Financial Services: Amy Perkins, President, insideARM

Insights In Depth: Within Reach – Conversations with female leaders in financial services 

This series includes interviews of several high profile women in the financial services industry. Each episode highlights a different industry professional, asking about their roles, their backgrounds and journeys in their careers. Deloitte Insights also offers other podcast topics, including industry outlooks for the year to come and technology trends to be aware of.

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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

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