2021 Year End Holiday Wrap Up

2021 Year End Holiday Wrap Up
Happy Holidays from PDCflow

PDCflow Product Enhancements

We made many improvements to our software this year, adding new and enhancing existing products to keep you and your customers secure. Here are two notable projects our team completed in 2021.

Bank Account Tokenization
As part of PDCflow's ongoing dedication to provide secure and convenient payment options to both clients and their consumers, we announced new bank account tokenization capabilities for ACH payments.

ACH Verify for Enhanced Payment Security
In March, PDCflow announced ACH Verify, a real-time account validation process for payments accepted online. This enhancement keeps PDCflow client's compliant with Nacha rules.


This year, PDCflow Sales & Marketing Manager Dawn Updike was invited to discuss payment technology and compliance with ARM industry professional and podcast host Jacqueline H. Waller. On this episode of An In Debt Discussion, you can hear them discuss PCI compliance, what to look for in a payment software service and what PDCflow's FLOW Technology can do to streamline daily workflows.

PDCflow Holiday Holly
This year, our company turned 18 years old. With each anniversary, we are more and more grateful for the customers, employees and partners that keep us in business. To honor the occasion, we sat down with the whole team to ask why they love working for PDCflow.
PDCflow Holiday Holly
PDCflow Holiday Card

Education and Industry Highlights

Our content team is always looking for ways to add value for customers and other industry professionals. This year, we launched our new On Demand Learning video series, participated in a product demo showcase, and produced a digital engagement webinar, along with creating the classic educational blogs our readership depends on.

Q&ARM Showcase: Shorten the Collection Process, Build Consumer Trust

In June, PDCflow particpated in AccountRecovery.net's Q&ARM event to showcase our FLOW Technology. We demonstrated how it can help AR businesses deliver and capture secure payments, documents, esignatures and photo uploads in one seamless workflow.

On Demand Learning Videos

In this video, collections and communications expert Mary Shores explains how to achieve higher collections through stronger connections with consumers.

[WEBINAR] Drive Accounts Receivable Growth Through Friction Free Digital Engagement

We have been ushered into a new world where your AR growth will depend on providing consumer-friendly and convenient digital engagement for consumers. In this webinar, PDCflow's Dawn Updike and Heather Harris discussed how the pandemic, regulation changes and influences from other industries has advanced technology and created a shift in consumer expectations and behaviors.

Company Culture

Every business is made up of people behind the scenes that drive company culture. Meet some of our excellent staff members who contribute to our success and strengthen our values.

Kristen Makanoa
Kristen Makanoa - PDCflow Product Manager

Listening to customers is an essential part of software development. At PDCflow, we’re lucky to have a listening expert on our team in Product Manager Kristen Makanoa.

Matt Reichard
Who Is PDCflow? Meet Matt Reichard

We shined a spotlight on Software Engineer Matt Reichard. He works behind the scenes to keep our software running and helps to create new features that push our company forward.

Happy Holidays from PDCflow