PDCflow 2018 Year in Review

PDCflow 2018 Year in Review
PDCflow 2018 Year in Review

Achieved HIPAA Compliance

As a way to better protect our customers and their consumers, PDCflow gained compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data security standards.

PDCflow Achieves HIPAA Compliance


PDCflow 2018 Year in Review

In October, we celebrated our 15th anniversary as a company. Since our company’s creation we have been focused on fast, efficient payment services. We’ve accomplished a lot in this time, and have much more in store for the future.

Secure Entry Overlay Patent Awarded

Perhaps one of the most exciting events of our 2018 year, PDCflow announced the award of a patent on our Secure Entry Overlay payment technology. This technology enhances the security involved in the entering of sensitive credit card data and protects both merchants and their consumers.

Company Culture

Sometimes we forget every business is made up of individuals. In an effort to show our current and future customers the people that make PDCflow great, we started a new blog series. “Who is PDCflow?” highlights some employees our customers may have seen at trade shows or spoken to during the sales process, but it also helps you get to know those who work behind-the-scenes. So, who is PDCflow?

Education and Industry Highlights

Just as we did work to improve our products and company, we worked hard this year to bring quality content to our blog readers. Here are some highlights from the PDCflow blog:

How To Comply with Regulation E: Expert Article

In an ongoing effort to bring valuable education to our readers, we reached out to legal experts. Regulation E can be confusing to navigate, so we asked Mike Etmund and Scott E. Wortman some basics every business should know when using electronic funds transfers.

Call Baiting Best Practices

As part of our yearly content partnership with the California Association of Collectors, we sat in on a webinar detailing information on call baiting in collections. The webinar contained so much useful information, it required a second blog, call baiting tells and how to respond, to cover it adequately.

Thriving in Third Party Collections: An Interview with Kelly Parsons-O'Brien

From time to time, we interview credit and collection professionals about their industry, their career journeys, and more. This edition we spoke to Kelly Parsons-O’Brien, 2018 President of the California Association of Collectors.

Kelly Parsons-O'Brien

Who Is PDCflow?

Heather Harris

Who is PDCflow? Meet Heather Harris

National Sales Manager

Orin Long

Who is PDCflow? Meet Orin Long

Software Developer

Jay Griffin

Who is PDCflow? Meet Jay Griffin

System Administrator

ImagePDCflow Customer Story Niagara Falls Memorial Medical CenterImage

Customer Appreciation Week

One of the most exciting new initiatives we began this year was the first ever PDCflow Customer Appreciation Week. The last week of November, we spent five days shining a light on a few superstar customers including some who have been loyal to us for more than a decade!

PDCflow Success Stories

As part of our customer appreciation event, we identified several of our users who are thriving in their businesses. We interviewed them about the challenges they faced, and how they’ve seen success with PDCflow.

PDCflow Hall of Fame

For our first ever Customer Appreciation Week, we wanted to do something special to acknowledge some of our all-star customers. We have several loyal customers who have been using PDCflow for more than 10 years. To honor these longtime customers, we made them our first-ever PDCflow hall of fame inductees.

Fun and Service

This year, PDCflow stepped up our service game and organized projects with our sister company DAKCS throughout the year to benefit different groups within our community. We began 2018 with the announcement of a donation to La Roca Girl’s Development Academy soccer team. During the summer, we ran a month-long food drive, with proceeds benefiting the Utah Food Bank. In November, we assembled and donated more than two dozen hygiene kits to be handed out at a local free community meal event to those in need.

We also took time this year to let loose and bond as a team. We had a great time at our annual summer BBQ, Fall family party, and Halloween costume contest. We even found time to get together outside of work for a local Ogden Raptor’s baseball game!

PDCflow 2018 Year in Review
PDCflow 2018 Year in Review
PDCflow 2018 Year in Review
PDCflow 2018 Year in Review