PDCflow Customer Success Stories 2019: Fast Consent and Seamless Integration

PDCflow Customer Success Stories 2019: Fast Consent and Seamless Integration

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PDCflow is lucky to be in business with many incredible people. Last year, we decided to spread the word about just how great these customers are. In 2018, we launched an annual customer appreciation initiative that we’re excited to continue for years to come. Here are just a few of the amazing people and companies we are lucky enough to work with.

Customer Spotlights

Through our customer spotlights, we have interviewed members of our client companies to get first-hand testimonials on how PDCflow is contributing to their success. This year, we spoke to Norm Kieffer of Action Recovery Online and Amy Thomas of Proximal for an inside view of their successes.

Action Recovery Online

Action Recovery Online is a decade-old Accounts Receivable management and collections agency located in Phoenix, Arizona. The challenges they face (just as many others in the industry) are securing payment agreements from consumers and complying with regulations without slowing down the collection process. 

Through PDCflow, Action Recovery Online has sped up payment consent and compliance processes. They’ve also seen success recovering high-dollar payments outside of business hours with an online payment portal.


Proximal offers revenue cycle and medical collections services to cover the entire healthcare revenue cycle. The company began within the billing department of a healthcare provider in 1996, operating out of Baltimore, Maryland. Proximal uses PDCflow’s credit card payment software through integration with Simplicity Collection Software. 

Proximal continues to expand its medical billing and third party collections operations, and this seamless payment integration plays a valuable part in their business processes.

Hall of Fame

We appreciate each and every company that puts their trust in our software services. That’s why our customer success, software development and other departments work hard to foster friendly, responsive relationships with the businesses that trust us with their payment and digital communication services. 

Many customers are so satisfied, they remain with us for years. This is why we have created a PDCflow Hall of Fame. Reserved for long-term clients, we want to shine a light on a few companies that are achieving success.

      Thriving in Third Party

      Along with the customer stories and company highlights, we also like to get to know the people who make up the accounts receivable industry. Here are a few of the interviews we’ve done in recent years with PDCflow customers:

          If you are a PDCflow customer who wants to share your story, let us know!

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