Protect Payments with Data Tokenization and Encryption

Protect Payments with Data Tokenization and Encryption

Security is an essential part of taking payments. Your payment communication software should take precautions with the sensitive information they help you manage. Otherwise, they aren’t looking out for you or your consumers.

Encryption and data tokenization are essential steps to protect credit card and bank account numbers from being improperly handled. PDCflow uses both encryption and tokenization of data to manage sensitive consumer information. Doing so reduces your company’s risk and creates a safer environment for your customers to make payments.

Encryption vs Tokenization

Encryption is a process that encodes regular data, which makes it more secure when being stored or transmitted. In the business of taking payments, the data being encrypted – consumer payment information – is especially sensitive.

PDCflow captures bank account or credit card data through our Secure Entry Overlay technology. Then, data is entered into our PCI- and Nacha-compliant, secure server. Using our encryption algorithms, the data is securely masked as a token and stored in our token vault.

Payment Data Tokenization and Encryption Infographic

What is Data Tokenization?

Data tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with a “token.” Payment tokens are randomly generated strings of numbers that are placeholders for real information. During PDCflow’s payment tokenization, we generate unique, random data tokens to be used in place of a card number or bank account number through the rest of our system.

This token has no relation to the original number. This means a payment token can be used or shown without compromising the original sensitive data. This process acts as a digital payment security measure, enhancing the fraud protection in your payment workflow.

PDCflow and Data Tokenization

PDCflow’s goal is to offer simple, secure payment communication software for our clients and their customers. While many companies may only tokenize credit card numbers, we protect ACH bank account information through data tokenization as well.
Secure Entry Overlay Definition

Secure Entry Overlay

Through our patented Secure Entry Overlay technology, your company can build and host a payment workflow without having to capture or store sensitive information. Our secure payment solution captures, encrypts and tokenizes your consumer’s information, keeping it private for them and reducing risk for you.

Fraud Prevention

Data masking both forms of payment information decreases the chances of credit card and bank account fraud. This reduces risk within your organization and creates the safest digital payment environment for customers making payments.

Why is Data Security Important for Businesses?

Data tokenization and encryption can enhance data security in any business. It can be particularly helpful for a company’s public reputation and internal security practices.

Payment Compliance Requirements

Of course, every business that takes payments needs to have safeguards in place for consumers. PCI and Nacha compliance measures are often beyond the scope and budget of most companies.

PDCflow’s payment software maintains these features to limit the scope of your payment compliance responsibility, providing the security your office needs without the burden of in-house development work.

Trust Building

It’s essential to build trust with your consumers to maximize payment collection. If your business doesn't seem secure or makes consumers feel suspicious, they will not feel comfortable sharing their financial information.
Flow Technology for Payment Compliance Infographic

Flow Technology for Added Payment Security

Using PDCflow’s Flow Technology allows agents to collect payments over the phone without ever seeing credit card or bank account information. Consumers can key in their own data while still on the phone with your office. Empowering consumers to make payments in a secure digital environment keeps them safe and inspires confidence in your business.

PDCflow’s Secure Entry Overlay and Flow Technology protect your business by:

  • reducing the scope of your PCI compliance responsibility
  • lowering compliance costs
  • minimizing the risk of data breaches

Do you need payment processing software that can simplify communication and make it faster for customers to pay? For more information on PDCflow’s Flow Technology and secure payment options, request a call with a Payment Expert today.

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