PDCflow Celebrates 19 years of Continuous Improvement Managing Payments

PDCflow Celebrates 19 years of Continuous Improvement Managing Payments

This month marks PDCflow’s 19th anniversary managing payments and simplifying the customer experience for companies in accounts receivable and beyond.

After almost two decades offering small to midsize business payment options, we’re excited to say we're more focused, driven and efficient than ever.

The PDCflow team spent this year working hard to improve our offerings for customers and make managing payments through our software better with every update. Here’s just some of what we’ve accomplished in 2022.

PDCflow Core Company Values

New Account Features for Managing Payments

Every organization is different but managing payments and lowering operational costs are important no matter your industry.

This year, we made a notable addition to our merchant account offerings and added another channel to self-serve payments. This way, companies can manage costs and engage more customers who prefer self-pay.

Zero Cost Processing Account Support

Many merchants are looking for alternative ways to take payments while deferring costs. PDCflow now provides support for two types of Zero Cost Processing (ZCP) accounts through a merchant service provider partner:

  • 1-MID model ZCP accounts
  • 2-MID model ZCP accounts
PDCflow Releases Support for Zero Cost Processing to Merchants

QR Codes for PDCflow Portals

Now, you can create QR Codes that direct customers to your payment portal, making it simpler to collect self-serve payments.

When a printed QR code is scanned with a smartphone it automatically opens the Portal’s URL, making it easier for consumers to access Portals and submit payments directly from a statement or invoice.

QR codes for PDCflow portals

Remove verification PIN from Flows

In some cases, it’s unnecessary to require a Flow recipient to enter a 4- or 6-digit shared secret. Now it’s possible to remove the verification PIN page for a Flow template. Hide the Verification PIN and that page will not be included in the Flows sent using that template.

Reporting Updates

Along with our new account options and features for managing payments, the PDCflow development team spent much of the year enhancing reporting capabilities. Companies now have an even better handle on their finances and can more clearly see where payments are falling through the cracks.

Customize Financial Report Layouts

Configure the data you want to view in your Financial Reports list pages and downloadable files. The Reporting Layouts page lets admins add new layouts with drag-and-drop functionality.

Saved Reporting Layouts will be included in the financial reporting search options and will be available to users when pulling financial reports.

PDCflow Custom Reports

Transaction ID, Memo, and Quick Links Now in Reporting

Gain a fuller understanding of your transactions with enhanced information now available in reporting pages by default.

  • Transaction ID and Memo information are now displayed on your account's reporting pages.
  • Downloadable reports also include Transaction ID and Memo.
  • Check Posting reports now include a Date Created column for easier comparison to other reports.
  • Listed transactions now offer a Quick Link to open their payment schedules.

New Future Report

The Future Payments Report gives you direct access to all upcoming payments for your accounts, including payments tied to schedules and post dated checks.
PDCflow Future Payments Reporting

New Schedules Reporting: Failed Payments and More

New pages within Reporting give you faster access to recurring payment schedule information. Here are some of the items you can now view:

  • All Schedules: search schedules to monitor progress or make modifications
  • Successful Payments: see successful payments across all schedules and manage schedules
  • Pending Payments: see payments across all schedules that are still Pending and manage schedules
  • Failed Payments: easily find failed payments and manage payment schedules

Downloading Large Financial Reports

Now when you search for a very large Financial Report, you’ll have the option to request a download of up to 25,000 records.
Downloading large financial reports

Recurring Payment Schedule Updates

The PDCflow development team has made considerable upgrades to the business payment solutions we offer. In recent years we’ve worked to improve our recurring payment options, so companies and customers have flexible options for repayment. The latest enhancements include:

Add Schedule Options to Your Payment Portals

Portals can now be configured to allow your customers to create their own payment schedules. The schedule options that can be added to portals are:

  • Pay in full today
  • Make 4 equal payments
  • Make payments of a minimum amount
  • Select a start date (0-31 days)
Add schedule options to your payment portals

Start Schedules Today

Schedule Service now supports the ability to process a scheduled transaction the day the schedule is created.
Self-Serve Recurring Payments: PDCflow Announces the Release of Payer Created Schedules

Edit a Schedule and Process Today’s Scheduled Payments

With these schedule updates, scheduled payments due today will be submitted immediately when the schedule is edited and saved in an Active status.

Now when you get a notification of a declined scheduled transaction, if you update the schedule right away, the payment due today will be submitted to be processed immediately.

New Schedule Status: Initial Payment Failed

If a schedule’s initial payment fails (for example, if the payment information is invalid) the schedule's status will be changed to Initial Payment Failed.
Schedule status_initial payment failed

Schedule History

Each Schedule Details page now includes a History section with dates and details about the schedule.

To learn more about these features or how PDCflow can speed up your payment workflows and improve engagement with your customers through email and SMS communications, sign up for a product demo today.

PDCflow Recurring Payments Reporting

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