Users Love Us! PDCflow Earns Fall Badges From G2 Based on Customer Reviews

Users Love Us! PDCflow Earns Fall Badges From G2 Based on Customer Reviews

What feels better than getting good feedback from a customer? Getting positive reviews from lots of customers! Through software review site G2, PDCflow has collected great ratings and insightful responses from actual users to help you pick the right tools for your business.

Several times a year, G2 helps shoppers understand the products they are purchasing by gathering up-to-date feedback from users. If PDCflow’s overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 isn’t enough proof that customers are happy with our software, check out the badges we’ve earned as a result of our reviews!

PDCflow G2 Reviews Users Love Us

Users Love Us

G2 awards this badge to companies who collect more than 20 reviews higher than 4.0.

To maintain these positive reviews, our customer success team works hard to address any questions and concerns companies may have. Just some of the perks we offer to create a culture of support are:

  • In-house support staff - we don’t outsource our customer success duties to other companies. All of our employees are part of the PDCflow team and have a deep understanding of the features and functionality we offer.
  • Free training and onboarding - we offer training sessions for everyone at no additional cost. This includes customers new to the software, new employees of established companies, or even those who are familiar with us but are adopting new features.
"It is a necessary tool and finding new and unique ways to provide options for our clients all the time. I was recently amazed by their customer service as before speaking with them, I was beyond frustrated with a situation that wasn't the fault of the company, they fixed the situation and introduced me to new tools that made my job and upcoming weeks much easier than imagined.”Omar P.
PDCflow G2 Reviews High Performer

High Performer and High Performer Small-Business

Based on customer reviews, PDCflow has achieved both a small business high performer and an overall high performer badge from G2’s ranking system.

This means our company has high customer satisfaction scores and low market presence scores compared to the rest of those in the category. How do we achieve more with less?

PDCflow is more than just a marketing budget. We prioritize what people want and need across all departments – from Research to Software Development to Customer Success. We focus all our efforts on that single goal.

PDCflow employees are continually meeting with customers to address pain points, improve processes and celebrate success stories.

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“PDCflow has made it a seamless and inexpensive process for my Company to process Payments, as well as keeping up ever-changing laws of the Collection Industry.”Administrator in Accounting
PDCflow G2 Reviews Highest User Adoption

Highest User Adoption

For this category, companies on G2 earn the Highest User Adoption badge for having the highest software adoption rate of all the products in a category.

PDCflow is easy to implement and comes with a knowledgeable team that works hard to ensure customers are properly onboarded and trained.

We offer one-on-one and group training sessions and personalize to demonstrate the specific features customers are looking for. This is just one of the many ways we ensure organizations start off with the resources they need and continue to get support to succeed.

“I like that PDCflow is easy to set up, easy to use, but more importantly it is easy for the consumers to use. My agents can easily instruct consumers how to complete their portion of the operation and they generally follow those instructions the first time.”Nick B.
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Hannah Huerta - PDCflow Marketing Specialist
Hannah Huerta, Marketing Specialist

Hannah Huerta is a Marketing Specialist at PDCflow. She creates content for the accounts receivable and payment industry.

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