PDCflow 2019 Year in Review

PDCflow 2019 Year in Review
PDCflow 2019 Year in Review

Released Enhanced Recurring Payment Module

PDCflow released an upgraded recurring payment module providing clients with greater flexibility on setting up consumer payment schedules.

The improved recurring payment system was created after careful consideration for the schedule creation and maintenance needs of ARM professionals.



In April, we announced a new partnership with the National Creditors Bar Association to provide secure payment and communication solutions to their members.

NCBA attorneys can send and receive documents, contracts, and retainers securely along with a payment form via email or text to speed up the payment collection process.

PDCflow 2019 Year in Review


PDCflow understands the struggles that come with operating a debt collection agency and we want to help. So we sponsored the Top Performer Challenge program for a small test group of clients.  

We worked with agency management to set personalized goals for each company and provide prize money to those who met their goals.


Company Culture

We continued our series called “Who is PDCflow?” highlighting some of the team members that make our company great with their talents and expertise. This included a new addition to our team, Rich Wilder, our new Director of Sales and Marketing.

Education and Industry Highlights

This year the CFPB's Proposed New Rules dominated the credit and collection news along with a new California data privacy law. Here are a few highlights covering those topics from the PDCflow blog:

Safe Harbors for Email and Text Under the NPR

The prospect of using text and email messages is exciting for an industry that has been all but left out of using the latest technology. 

The question is, how will you use digital communication safely? 

This article covers some common concerns about digital communication and a few of the Bureau’s proposed safe harbors addressing them.

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California Consumer Privacy Act Overview

In this first in a series of three articles based on the new data privacy law, we covered:

  • Why it was created.
  • What rights it gives to consumers.
  • Why you should care.
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Enhancing the Consumer Experience Under the CFPB's NPR - Webinar

Joann Needleman of Clark Hill Law and Kelly Parsons-O’Brien, former CAC President and President of Pacific Credit Services, discussed how the CFPB’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking will enhance the consumer experience.

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PDCflow 2019 Year in Review

Who Is PDCflow?

Rich Wilder
Who is PDCflow? Meet Rich WilderMeet Rich
Angelica Iniguez
Who is PDCflow? Meet Angelica IniguezMeet Angelica
Jacob Smith
Who is PDCflow? Meet Jacob SmithMeet JacobPDCflow 2019 Year in Review
PDCflow 2019 Year in ReviewPDCflow Customer Story Action Recovery OnlinePDCflow 2019 Year in Review

Customer Appreciation Week

In 2018, we launched an annual customer appreciation initiative that we’re excited to continue for years to come. Here are a few of the amazing people and companies we highlighted this year.

PDCflow Customer Stories

Through our customer spotlights, we have interviewed members of our client companies to get first-hand testimonials on how PDCflow is contributing to their success.

This year, we spoke to Norm Kieffer of Action Recovery Online to learn the impact PDCflow software had on their payment consent and compliance processes.

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PDCflow Hall of Fame

We appreciate every company that puts their trust in our software services. That’s why our customer success, software development and other departments work hard to foster friendly, responsive relationships with the businesses that trust us with their payment and digital communication services. 

Many customers are so satisfied, they remain with us for years. This is why we have created a PDCflow Hall of Fame. This year we highlighted:

  • Southern Credit Adjusters
  • Asset Recovery Associates
  • Diaz and Associates
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Fun and Service

This year in cooperation with DAKCS Software we raised $601 for the Utah Food Bank via a virtual food drive.

Utah Food Bank

We also took time this year to let loose and bond as a team. We had a great time at our annual summer BBQ, monthly birthday celebrations, and Halloween costume contest. We are looking forward to moving into a new decade.

PDCflow BBQ Blake and Orin

Winners of the Corn Hole Competition

PDCflow Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween costume contest - 2019

 PDCflow 2019 Year in Review

March Birthdays Celebration

PDCflow 2019 Year in Review